Windsor Castle
Windsor Cathedral
Panoramic view of the Castle

Windsor is a great city that can not be separated from its sister Eton. So much so, that you will not know when you have moved from one city to the next, because they have developed together. In fact, it is common to mention both cities under the name of Windsor-Eton.

Windsor is located west of London, very close to Heathrow airport.

There are many things to see in Windsor:

Royal Windsor Racecourse

The first Windsor location that should be visited is the Royal Windsor Racecourse. It is a racetrack where you can enjoy horse races almost every Monday night (in summer season). In addition, there are exhibitions and other types of outdoor activities related to horse riding. It is one of the most popular places in the city and you can not leave without seeing it.


Windsor Castle

The Windsor Royal Shopping, on the other hand, is a large shopping center. It is in front of Windsor Castle, so if you visit it, then you can have a good time doing souvenir shopping for your family and friends. The Windsor Royal Shopping deserves special attention because its architecture is really elegant: it is built next to a Victorian train station, and shares that style so characteristic and beautiful.


Chapel of St. George

The Chapel of St. George also deserves the attention of tourists. Although it does not stand out for having a particularly striking architecture (although that does not mean it is not worth seeing), this chapel has a long history and is a very appreciated symbol in the city, so you can not leave without making a visit.


Residence of the Queen

Of course, being in Windsor, it is an obligation to visit the residence of the Queen of England. Logically it is not a tourist visit, but you will be able to see its palace from a distance, which is really beautiful.

On the other hand, since you are near, in Eton, you should visit Eton College, since that's where the cream and the cream of England come from (this is where the princes study, for example).


Changing guards

And if you have been wondering where you can see the show of changing guards, I'll tell you it's here. In the palace this formal show is usually carried out and completely free once a day (to know exactly the schedules, you can visit the website of the palace).

Finally, it should be noted that Windsor is not a big city. It is rather a small town, so we recommend you to get lost in its streets and share conversations with the English you find. There is no better way to know a place than by dealing with its people!

Recommended option

In my opinion the best way to see Windsor is this guided tour of Windsor that includes Stonehenge and Oxford, helping you save time and money.

As you can see, in Windsor you have a lot of elements to visit. It is not a big city full of tourist attractions, but they are very limited, but it is a must for those who want to know a little better the way of being English and spend a good day in a small town. A visit that we recommend doing as a family and with some time to get lost in the streets.

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