Where to sleep in London

Dormir en Londres

If you are wondering where to sleep in London, you should know that the English capital offers different types of accommodation. It is also necessary to remember that there are more recommended areas to choose, according to our tastes, pocket, activities or number of days in the city.


Accommodation in London

As it was said before, in the capital of England we can find all types of accommodation. The most frequent are the well-located hotels, whose price is quite high compared to those of other major cities in Europe. For example, a room in a London hotel can cost about £ 100 per night.

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On the other hand, those who want to spend a little less or prefer a more free life without having to comply with certain rules of a hotel, can opt for tourist flats and apartments. This alternative is the one chosen to travel to London as a family or with small children, groups of friends or those who travel with other couples.

And in third term to sleep in London we can choose the cheap hostels, some known as "Bed and Breakfast" (bed and breakfast). Hostels are still expensive compared to other cities (about $ 15 per person), but they are still more affordable than hotels. An excellent option for young adventurers.


Recommended areas

Each of the neighborhoods or areas of London have their charms or particular characteristics, but today we are going to detail what is the best area to stay in London according to the interests of each one and the meaning you give to your trip.

In the case of choosing West End, that is to say "the center", to sleep, you also have to be willing to pay a lot more. But the good thing is that everything is within reach, as they say.

The hotels located in the Notting Hill, or Bayswater and Paddington areas are moderately priced. The region has many attractions to enjoy with the family and the tranquility of London. In the vicinity: Little Venice, Portobello Market, Kensington Palace and Hyde Park.

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Nature lovers can choose to sleep between the Victoria and Kensington neighborhoods. The Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Alberto Museum are located there. Also nearby are Buckingham Palace, St. James´s Park and Harrods stores. Victoria Station takes you to Gatwick Airport in no time. All these benefits are often somewhat expensive, but there are also more affordable options.

In the neighborhoods of King´s Cross and Bloomsbury, very close to the British Museum, with quiet streets and lots of history, we can look for old hotels with different prices, as well as bookstores and antique shops. All English style, more than picturesque.

Finally, a place chosen for business trips is La City, the hotels are skyscraper-type, with all services. But we can find other accommodation options in London in the surrounding areas, such as Clerkenwell and Shoreditch, perfect for exploring London, visiting Brick Lane Market or Saint Paul's Cathedral. Very close by is Liverpool Street Station.


My advice for cheap sleep

Update: As more and more of you are asking me questions about accommodation in this city, I have opened up a thread of opinions about sleeping in London below so that we can all resolve our doubts together.

I also take this opportunity to answer the big question that many of you are asking: whether it is possible to sleep in London without money. Well, it's true that there are some alternative air hostels that will allow you to stay for little or nothing, for example, in exchange for doing some work or helping them with something. This is something you can offer when you arrive in London but no one can guarantee anything. If you're adventurous, go for it! - if you don't already know that you can take advantage of this blog to find the best deals.

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