Where to eat in London

Roast beef con Yorkshire pudding
Roast beef
Kidney Pie
Apple pie
English Tea
Fish and chips

In general, London is not a city with a very good reputation regarding food. In fact, the opposite happens, but the truth is that it is a matter of knowing how to look and not sit in the first restaurant that one finds. So, where to eat in London?

Restaurants that offers international food


Spicy food

In addition to the typical English dishes that any tourist wants to taste when arriving in London, there are a great number of shops, food stalls and restaurants with food from different origins. For example, English people love spicy Indian food and that's why you can find it almost anywhere.


American food

American food is also very present in London and the fast food chain KFC is one of the favorites by the English. Although in Spain we also have this establishment that in London is considered the king of the chicken, here the quality is not the same so you can give it a chance in English territory.

The English love hamburgers and that's why the Mc Donalds chain also occupies a very high place in the ranking of favorite places to eat, especially for young people.

In addition, the famous breakfast with bacon and eggs is present in most bars so you can take a full breakfast but do not get used to it!


Coffee at any time

A detail that is not going away to you during your stay in London is going to be the addiction of the English by the coffee. It does not matter what time of day it is but you will see a lot of people with the coffee to carry in your hand, especially the cafes of the famous Starbucks franchise. Look before the prices because the shock the first time you buy a coffee in London is brutal!


Typical english food

No tourist visiting London can go without eating one of the famous fish and chips (fish and chips). It's not going to be the best fish you've eaten in your life, in fact you'll notice it greasy, especially if you buy it at a street food stand, but it's something you have to do, that's it!

The apple pie or Apple Pie is also very typical there and the toast of beans (beans with a kind of tomato sauce) is delicious. Many times they serve it with the breakfast of the bacon and the eggs that we mentioned previously.

In the selection of typical English foods could not miss the famous roast beef, which has nothing to do with what they try to do in Spanish restaurants. The roast beef must be tender and must be cut very thin. You have to try it!

And what can not be missing in any English house? Exactly, the famous English tea. There are many classes and they choose it depending on the time of day but they almost always drink it with milk.


Tips and curiosities

Well, the English eat pretty early. At about 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. and are already having lunch the 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at most, take dinner. Therefore, in the days that you stay in the United Kingdom you will have to adjust to your schedules because if you go to a restaurant to eat at 3:00 pm there will not even be a measly piece of bread.

In the morning, all the sandwich sales franchises are up because that is what most English people usually eat when they are in a hurry. There are some that are delicious so we recommend you try some day.

Finally, just mention that you can find good restaurants in the Soho area, and Covent Garden. If you like Chinese food you have to go to eat in the Chinatown neighborhood and if you want to try curious foods from other countries you can visit Candem Town. Let no one say that there is no gastronomic variety in London!

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