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Are you planning a weekend in London? Would you like to do for two days in the English capital? Before knowing the list of activities and attractions, remember to be very organized and plan every minute, which will be worth gold in a city where there are things to do to each corner.

Weekend in London: walks on Saturday

You can enjoy a wonderful weekend in London and know the most characteristic of the capital of England starting early in the morning and ending the day well late at night. If you are lucky enough to arrive late Friday, you can not miss a trip to the Piccadilly Circus, for example.

Assuming you've traveled at dawn, Saturday will be your big day in London. At eight you must be more than ready to begin. The Westminster tube station is advised. This is the center of the city, which is divided into two parts, London and Westminster. On the tour you will pass through the parks Hyde Park, Green, Regent, St. James's and Buckingham Palace.

Then, you will meet Pimlico and Victoria, Covent Garden and the Temple, including Marylebone, Soho and Chinatown. If you have more energy, you can visit two luxurious neighborhoods: Mayfair and Belgravia. Continuing through Westminster, you have to know Big Ben, the London Eye, St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, especially during the changing of the guard (at 11.30 each two days).

Follow your tour of The Mall, Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square. If you like museums, do not miss the National Portrait Gallery. Then, continue through the Charing Cross metro station, take the black line to Camden Town and visit the Camden Markets. From there you can take the Tube again to St. Paul's and get to know the Millenum Bridge. Walk the side of the River Thames and rest a bit. At night you can go to the Shoreditch neighborhood, with interesting restaurants and pubs.


The best activities you can choose to do on your second and last day in London are:

East End Markets: Brick Lane and Spitalfields are the best known, you can buy everything you can think of, but do not stop too long in each position.

Oxford Street: A place to go shopping to take souvenir to whoever you want and have lunch while you recharge your batteries.

British Museum: It has one of the best collections in the world and opens on Sundays.

Greenwich: This area is somewhat further from London, but offers different attractions, such as the Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum and the famous ship Cutty Sark.

Maybe you want to take advantage of your second day of the weekend in London to go to a more distant place such as the university cities of Oxford or Cambridge, or towns that have remained in the Middle Ages, with their castles, pits, canyons and towers. All this is about two hours by train from the English capital.

We recommend you to see the map of London to get your bearings and get a better idea of ​​all the areas.

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