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Talking about the weather in London is very common given that the weather and the temperature are of interest to all future travelers who plan to visit the city. The truth is that the London climate has a reputation for being very monotonous, grayish, dark, rainy and freezing but it is not relatively predictable. This is because in full summer months it can rain more than in the winter season or you can visit London during the winter and not see a single drop of rain.

In fact, the inhabitants of London come out in the middle of a day with full sun with the umbrella in hand because they know that the forecasts are never 100% safe and the changes of time are very common. Therefore, it is recommended that you put an umbrella in your suitcase, whatever the time, before traveling to London.



London weather: cold months

The climate of London is classified by experts as a temperate climate but if you decide to visit this city in the middle of winter, be clear that the temperature will be between -3 and 5 degrees Celsius.

The months in which it is usually colder in London and in which there is a risk of snowfall to real are December and January. However, as we mentioned earlier, you can see a rain storm with a built-in storm, a cloudy gray sky very typical of the area or a splendid sun on a single winter day. The latter is usually the least usual.

For that reason, the clothes that you should keep in your suitcase when taking into account the time in London must be, necessarily, very varied. If you travel during the winter you will need a coat in conditions, gloves, scarf and hat. If you also have some waterproof boots you will complete the most recommended complete kit.

Let's see if it has been clear to you: what accessory can not be missing in your trip to London, whatever the month? Sure enough, you guessed it... the umbrella !



Weather in London: hot months

The hottest months in London are usually July and August but the weather is so highly variable that may travel to Londre s in June and need to go in tank top and shorts or can travel in August and meet rain every day. The time in London is like that!

The days when the sun rises and it's hot, you'll see how there are many more people on the street and parks like Hyde Park or St. Jame's Park are filled with people who eat sitting on the floor or lie down to sunbathe. In addition, on weekends in good weather the people of London and the cities of the interior of the United Kingdom take one of the trains that goes to the coastal cities as, for example, the train that goes to Brighton, and pass the Beach day.

In any case, the cold and heat of the city of London are perfectly bearable and the temperatures are not extreme in any city of the United Kingdom.

Given the changes in weather and the low predictability that exists in relation to time in London, we recommend that you check the weather guide just the day before leaving on a trip and at that precise moment decide what clothes to include in your suitcase. But do not stop being a provisor for what may happen!

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