Wallace Collection


Wallace Collection is called an international art museum located in the city of London, which is also known in English terms as The Wallace Collection.


Origin of the Wallace Collection

The important works that can be found in this museum belonged to the Marquis of Hertford and were inherited by his illegitimate son Richard Wallace. After the death of Richard, his widow was responsible for all these works ended up in the hands of the nation and in the year 1900 they were publicly shown through access to the museum. Of course, the condition imposed in exchange for the donation of the works was that none of them could be exhibited in any other location outside the residence of the family.

The Wallace Collection has since been exhibited in the family mansion known as Hertford House and is located in Manchester Square, near the Sherlock Holmes Museum. There you can see world-famous works such as The Smiling Knight by Frans Hals or the five paintings by Rembrandt.

Subsequently, last year 2014, the museum was remodeled and incorporated different red upholstery on the walls and some restorations that now allow the entry of natural light more efficiently. All this thanks to a budget of 5 million pounds sterling.


What to see in the Wallace Collection

Is it really worth visiting the Wallace Collection? Well, if you're not a lover of art and paintings, clearly not. The success of this museum lies in the importance and quality of the works it integrates in its exhibition but, obviously, if you do not like art, it does not make much sense to visit it and you can use the time to see other parts of the city.

In any case, the artistic collection that you will see when you enter the mansion is made up of more than 5,000 objects ranging from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, all belonging to the different generations of the Hertford family.

The paintings of Titian, Van Dyck, Velázquez or Rembrandt are the most popular of the exhibition but you can also find paintings by Rubens or Canaletto. All spectacular.

In addition, as a complement to the collection of paintings, in the Wallace Collection we also find some decorative objects from the old era that call it attention for its composition of glass, bronze, gold and, above all, Seyres porcelain.

If you decide to visit this collection you will be able to know the furniture of the mansion that does not stop being art too, because only the great amount of years and the aesthetic that they represent is unbeatable.


Location, time and prices

As mentioned above, the Wallace Collection is located in Manchester Square, admission is free and can be accessed every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The nearest subway stops are Bond Street, Baker Street and Oxford Circus so you can take advantage of some shopping in the area.

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