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London is a large city in which the use of public transport is essential to move quickly. Tourists, as a rule, usually use the metro as the main means of transport but the truth is that the city offers a host of possibilities: regular buses, tour buses, taxis or bicycles are just some examples. The most common options to move in any means of transport are the Oyster card and the Travelcard.

Well, we can not give an exact figure of the daily transport cost of London because it depends a lot on the areas where you decide to move, the hours at which you take the meters (at rush hour the trip is somewhat more expensive) or the average of transport you choose, but in general, a travelcard of a day is usually around 6 pounds and allows you to move through zones 1-2 and enter / exit the metro as many times as you want during that day.



What is the travelcard

When we talked about the Oyster card we mentioned the travelcard but in case you do not have it clear enough we will say that it is a ticket that allows you to travel during a full day, a week or a month, depending on the modality you choose.

The travelcard can be integrated into the Oyster card (the latter has a cost of 3 euros that will be returned when you leave London and return it at any ticket office) but you can also buy the same as in Madrid or Barcelona purchases a 10 trips bonus, for example. However, in London it does not work by number of trips but by time: the tralvecard is 1 day, a week or 1 month so we can say that it is a transport ticket for a limited time.

By the way, as a curious fact we will tell you that the travelcard was the first payment for public transport that originated in London.


How the tralvecard works

The travelcard, whether in paper format or integrated into the magnetic and rechargeable card called Oyster, is very easy to acquire and the great advantage is that it allows you to save money during your stay in London.

For example, if you decide to use the Oyster card in Pay As You Go format, you reload 20 pounds and enter and exit the subway several times during the day you will never pay more than the daily limit set on a day tripcard. This system allows the maximum payment per day to be about 6 pounds, as long as you do not leave areas 1-2 (the most central London).

Once you acquire your travelcard in the form of an Oyster card, you will only have to slide it through the yellow zone of the metro winches or through the bus box. Always look for the yellow circle.


Where to buy your travelcard

The travelcard, like the Oyster card, can be purchased at any ticket office from any subway stop, at National Rail stations, at some stores and even at a tourist station. The easiest thing is to do it from the ticket office of the metro at the same time you are going to use it for the first time.

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