Transportation in London

The means of transport in London are varied and very efficient, so you can be anywhere in a matter of minutes.

It is good to know that the value of transport in London is expensive in relation to other countries of the continent or the world. Therefore, many people choose to walk or ride a bike, because in addition to exercise and save money, take the opportunity to get to know the beautiful English capital.

The main means of transport in London are three: the metro (has 11 lines and is the longest, allowing to travel long distances), the bus (it is not the fastest but it is picturesque, since it offers the typical reds of two flats) and the taxi (they are striking, large and elegant, they are known as black cabs and are among the most expensive in Europe).

You need to take a map or map with the stations so you do not get lost and get to the exact place you want and take advantage of the passes or cards to pay less.

Metro de Londres

London Underground

The London Underground is one of the most extensive in the world and is known as Tube or Underground , although the first name is usually more common. This metro network has 11 different lines that are distinguished by colors and that encompass the 9 circular areas in which...
Autobuses en Londres

Buses in London

London is a city of large dimensions that is impossible to walk without spending excessive time that nobody has and less when it comes to a tourist visit. Therefore, the means of transport such as the metro, buses, taxis or bicycle become essential to help you visit all...
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Taxis in London

If for some reason the city of London is known, in addition to the mythical red telephone booths and double-decker buses, it is for its taxis. The taxis in London off elegance and class wherever it circulate but are not suitable for the pockets of many. Index Curiosities of...
Autobuses turísticos en Londres

Tourist buses in London

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of London are the popular red double-decker buses. Although they have modernized enough and the only thing that keeps alive the myth is its color and its two heights, the tour buses in London are one of the main...
Bicicleta en Londres

Bicycle in London

London is a city that enjoys a wide variety of means of transport that are managed and organized very efficiently by the British government. Even though the subway is the most used transport by the inhabitants of the city, the bicycle in London is one of the preferred means...
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London is a large city in which the use of public transport is essential to move quickly. Tourists, as a rule, usually use the metro as the main means of transport but the truth is that the city offers a host of possibilities: regular buses, tour buses, taxis or bicycles...
Oyster by Neil Turner

Oyster Card

The Oyster card is the most useful, easy and manageable means of payment that you will find in London to use the different transports of the city during your stay. It is a rechargeable card that saves you a lot of time and many queues, but also saves you a few pounds on the...
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