Stratford upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon is the English city that gave birth to the great William Shakespeare and all its corners give off history and memories related to the artist. The city is located 150 kilometers north of London, very close to Oxford and Warwick Castle.


Arrive in Stratford from London

If you are going to travel to London and want to know nearby places you can choose to rent a car and go around the most tourist cities in the area but if you do not dare to drive on the left, do not worry because there are many means of transport that you can use to make your visits.

Specifically, to get to Stratford from London (and we are not talking about the Stratford tube station located in London that became famous for hosting the 2012 Olympic Games) you can catch any of the trains that leave from the London Paddington station. In less than 2 hours you will be in Stratford.

You can also choose the bus option, somewhat heavier for the longer route. They leave 3 daily buses from London to Stratford and they do it from the central Victoria station. The company is National Express.


What to see in Stratford

Almost everything we tell you to visit in Stratford is related to Shakespeare, either directly or indirectly. For example, it is very common to visit the 5 properties of the family that today are still recreating the time in which the famous playwright lived. In Birthplace Shakespare was born, in Anne Hathaway's Cottage lived what would be his wife, Mary Arden's House was the home of his mother, Hall's croft was the property of his daughter and New Place was the residence in which he spent his last days.

In addition to Shakespeare's family homes you can also pay a visit to the popular living museum in Stratford. His name is Falstaff's experience.

The church in which rest the rest of Skaespeare and his wife also is in Stratford and his name is Holy Trinity Church, very visited by the tourists and fans of the dramatist.

The headquarters of the Shakespeare company is also open to the curious. This is the Royal Shakespeare Theater, located along the banks of the River Avon.

Leaving aside Shakespeare, John Harvard was also a very important person of Stratford and that is why his house is also available for tourists.

On the other hand, and as a recommendation of a curious site, you can change the tone of your visit a bit by reaching the Butterfly farm, a wonderful farm where you will find butterflies from different parts of the world.

As you can see, the visit to Stratford is closely related to the life of Shakespeare and it is interesting to visit all the houses of his family and his own. After all, we have only met Shakespeare through his works and not in such a personal way. you dare?

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