Stonehenge is one of the places near London that most tourists visit every year and is that its age of 5,000 years does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a monument of megalithic origin, formed by large stones positioned mysteriously, which has become the most famous in the world and is located in the Salisbury guide.

In 1987, Stonehenge became a World Heritage Site, so qualified by UNESCO, but today it remains unknown what the purpose of these stones is and, above all, their disposition. Many experts speak of an old cemetery or a temple but the truth is that no one has been able to demonstrate with complete certainty of what it is. There's the mystery, ready to be visited and photographed.

Apparently, when you visit Stonehenge you will be stunned and never better said. At first glance, they are a group of stones placed on a green meadow and that many tourists are disappointed, but the most important thing of the place is the mystery that lies behind those stones and that is what we should value.

Many tourists acquire some kind of tour and include a visit to Stonehenge with a visit to Bath and Windsor.

I recommend this one-day guided tour

One option that I highly recommend to take advantage of the day is to do this complete one-day Stonehenge excursion that also includes the two most important places in the area, Windsor and Bath, with the explanations of a qualified guide. 


Tips for visiting Stonehenge

You can visit Stonehenge by free but you should know that when you get there you will not be allowed to get as close as you want to the stones. For that, it is better that you do it through a guided tour that will also help you explain everything with better precision (although it is usually via audioguide in your language) and you can understand the reason for the popularity of this place. Once you arrive in the area, the visit is up to 2 hours, which, let me tell you, is too much.

The journey to Stonehenge from London is about an hour and a half so you will not spend too much time in the transportation you have chosen. As a rule, it is usually a bus from the agency that manages this type of tour that goes through a large number of hotels to pick up all the contractors of the tour. If you get on the bus of the first is the heaviest reason why it is recommended to go to a meeting place and not wait to be picked up at the hotel.

In the event that you decide to go to Stonehenge on your own by renting a vehicle, be sure to pay the full entrance to access the site closest to the stones.

The last option you can choose is to take the Salisbury train that leaves from Waterloo station.

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