The Soho

A tour of the Soho neighborhood is a must for your visit to London. This neighborhood, famous for its nightlife, its brothels and its Rock music bars, keeps a great part of the history of the city, and despite the fact that for many years it had the reputation of being a dangerous and prohibited place, it has nowadays It has changed a lot and is one of the most touristic places in London.

His story

Curiously, it used to be a cultivated esplanade, until in 1563 Henry VIII used it as a royal park. In the seventeenth century is when it is baptized as Soho, it is believed that it was because it was a hunting area and the expression soho was a battle cry, and so the name arose. In the nineteenth century it was the area of ​​prostitutes, music halls and small theaters, so it was not the favorite home of respectable families. Already in 1930 the soho pubs became very popular and became the area of ​​poets, writers and musicians by antonomasia.

In our days

Now Soho is not what it used to be, although it is true that you can still find some strip clubs, which are mostly bars and pubs. It is undoubtedly one of the areas with the greatest nightlife in the city, its bars and cafes follow the motto of open all night, during the weekends. It is also the gay district of London for the many businesses dedicated to this public. Many of its streets are so crowded during the weekends, that the passage to the cars is closed, so if you are looking for a party and a London atmosphere this is your place.

It is an area full of anecdotes and history, in its streets have walked and lived celebrities such as Eric Clpaton, Brian Jones or The Beatles. Did you know that the first performance of the Rolling Stone was in this neighborhood? yes at number 90 Wardour Street in the Marquee Club. The mythical Sex Pistols were living in 6 of Denmark Street where they say they recorded their first models.

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