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Shopping in London

When someone travels to London, apart from visiting all the parks, monuments and museums, you can not leave the city without walking down Oxford Street to do the famous shopping in London.

These are the best and most famous markets and shopping centres in London:


Oxford Street

Oxford Street is the most commercial street in London by far. This is because it is the street that houses all the stores and best known brands, being Top Shop one of the most famous (and the most expensive).

Stores like Zara, Bershka, Benetton or H & M are the ones with the most queues that tend to accumulate during the sales period, but they are not the only ones. For example, the market for sneakers is very wide in London and there are many establishments with prices and models of sneakers that is impossible to get in Spain. Hence, tourists leave loaded with bags.

In addition, gift and souvenir shops are also very well located in this very commercial street, so you can take advantage to buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

Periods of sales and Christmas are the worst time to visit Oxford Street but they are also the best dates to find offers, discounts and real bargains.


Covent Garden

The most expensive shops in London will be found in the Covent Garden area. There's not much to say, just visit it.


Candem Town

It is the shopping area in London that is located north of the city. It is the realm of sneakers for the multitude of footwear stores that you will find there.

This area is always full of people due to the large number of clothing stalls and memorabilia that are located right there. You can bargain with sellers but it is not recommended to take them to the limit because they do not usually have very good fleas.

In any case, the atmosphere of this area is very cosmopolitan and if you inquire well you can get very funny and original shirts.

In addition, after shopping for Candem Town you can take advantage to stop at international food stalls and try meals from other countries.


Portobello Market

The market of Portobello is the most famous market in London and its stalls are located in Portobello street, near Nothing Hill.

There you will find very original antiques that you will not find in any other store, but there are also curious food and clothes stalls.        

If you decide to visit it, do it on Saturday because it is the day that more posts you will find.


Westfield Shopping Center (Stratford)

This shopping center is of recent creation and houses a variety of shops and restaurants to eat. You can find good deals if you search well and take advantage of the East of London, quite different from the downtown area. In the Stratford area, the 2012 Olympic Games were held, so you can take advantage of the opportunity to visit the facilities.



It is the most famous shopping center in the world for the great variety of objects that can be found inside, yes, at prices somewhat prohibitive for many tourists.

It is located near Hyde Park and there are usually enough people at any time.

Now you know where to do your shopping in London, but you decide which area is best suited to what you want.

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