Sherlock Holmes Museum

Museo de Sherlock Holmes

A visit that will enchant the lovers of the famous detective, but not only to them, but also to all those who want to know a little more deeply one of the most important symbols of the city. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is, therefore, a must-see for anyone who sets foot in London.

The museum is located right next to the Madame Tussauds Museum, also a must, so you can take advantage of the day to access both. If you are also a nature lover you can not leave the area without taking a walk through Regent's Park.

What to see in the Sherlock Holmes Museum?

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a house-museum dedicated to the life and time in which the famous novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are set. Located on Baker Street, in this house (now converted into a museum) lived Sherlock Holmes, along with his assistant Dr. Watson and his housekeeper, Miss Hudson.

It is a house of three floors completely decorated as described in the stories that, theoretically, are set between 1881 and 1904. That is why all the objects that are in the house are more than a century ago (except some reproduction faithful to the style of that time, which does not stand out and which you surely can not differentiate).

On the first floor bedroom Sherlock Holmes and his office is where, if you're fond of his novels, you know that Watson met with the Doctor to perform his disquisitions and fight crime in the city. This first floor is one of the most important in the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

On the second floor are the bedrooms of Dr. Watson and Ms. Hudson. Note that in these rooms the objects are fully prepared to make it appear that, at any time, the characters of Doyle's famous novels were going to come back for them.

Finally, on the third floor, is where the wax figures that try to emulate the most famous and important moments lived by the characters that appear in the novels. It is, therefore, of the plant that more attention received by tourists, though, in our opinion, are preferable two lower because they are the ones that allow us to get an idea of what life was like in those years.

We have to make a special mention to the true lovers of Sherlock Holmes, and it is this: The Sherlock Holmes Museum is specially designed so that any lover of the stories will find everything as described in them. We invite you to take one of the stories with you so you can check the level of adequacy and realism that they have achieved. Is incredible.


Guided visit

A very comfortable and recommended option - besides being very lively and I enjoyed it as a child - is to do the guided tour that, in addition to the house, includes a 4-hour private tour:

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Another cheaper option (€ 16) is take the 2-hour Sherlock Holmes City Tour, but without entering the museum:

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Price, access and schedule

Price: Access to the museum is priced at 8 pounds for adults and 5 pounds for children under 16 years.

Address: Baker Street, 221b. The nearest subway stop is Baker Street.

Schedule: Every day (including Saturdays and Sundays) from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


As you can see, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is a must for any lover of these novels that is in London. As well as for anyone who is curious to know a little more about this famous symbol of British literature.

Baker Street, 221b
Londres United Kingdom
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