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The Shard
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The Shard is one of the names by which the popular skyscraper of London is known, which has been considered as the highest structure of the European Union until the end of 2012. This skyscraper is also known as the Shard London Bridge or Shard of Glass and is located in the Southwark area, near City Hall or Tower Bridge.

Why visit The Shard?

Apart from being a very tall and spectacular tower you can access the viewpoint of its upper area, known as The View, from which you can make the best photographs that you have probably achieved throughout your life. The access to the terrace and the gazebo, open to the public every day, is priced at 29.95 pounds.

The height of the tower is 310 meters and its base is somewhat irregular despite reminiscent of a triangle. Not suitable for people with vertigo, of course. In fact, the height of the Shard is twice that of the London Eye, can you imagine it?

The interior of the tower consists of 87 floors of which 72 can be used: from 3 to 28 floors are the offices (mostly empty); floors 31, 32 and 33 are for restaurants; the luxury hotel named as Shangri is between floors 34 and 52; a group of apartments from 53 to 65 and the viewpoint that we previously mentioned occupies from the 68th floor to the 72nd floor. From 73 to 87 there are no living areas.

As a curiosity comment that the building is owned by the State of Qatar, responsible for the disbursement of 95% of the cost of the project amounting to 450 million pounds.

In short, the architecture of the tower Shard is really spectacular seen from the outside but at the moment you step on the structure inside and see its interior you get to surprise even more.

Even though the price may seem abusive it is a visit that is really worth it. Keep in mind that from the viewpoint you will have the best view of London in a 360 degree format. Take advantage of it!


Buy tickets for The Shard online

If you want to avoid problems and secure tickets for this monument, reserve your tickets here:

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The Shard: how to get there, prices and schedules

The Shard is located on Joiner St and the nearest subway stop is London Bridge. Visiting hours range from 10 in the morning until 7 in the afternoon from Sunday to Wednesday, but access is cut at 5:30 in the afternoon. If you want to visit the tower from Thursday to Saturday, the schedule goes until 10 o'clock at night but the access is cut at 8:30 in the afternoon.

The price for adults is the one we mentioned earlier: 29.95 pounds. For children from 4 to 15 years old the price goes up to 23.95 pounds and children under 4 years go free.

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