Shakespeare's Globe Theater

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The Shakespeare's Globe Theater was originally built in 1599, the year in which Shakespeare took his most popular works to the stage. Its history makes it one of the most artistic tourist spots in London and it is worth visiting it.

History of the Shakespeare's Globe Theater

This theater was plunged into tragedy in 1613 when, during a performance, the roof fell and began to burn until the whole theater was finished. Later, a new theater was built, which was used as the main venue by Shakespeare's company until 1642, when it was demolished when all theaters in England were closed.

It will not be until 1949 when the director Sam Wanamaker decides to rebuild this theater that meant so much for the great Shakespeare. In 1997 construction is completed with Sam Wanamaker himself already deceased.

Appearance of the theater

The original theater was circular, had about 30 meters in diameter and housed more than 3,300 spectators. The stage was rectangular and jutted out over the total circle.

The most curious thing about this theater and the works of Shakespeare represented there is the alternation of trapdoors or secret passages through which the actors emerged and vanished. In particular, there were two trap doors that communicated the lower part of the stage, hidden for the public, with the upper zone. Do you remember the ghost of Hamlet? Well it appeared and disappeared through these trapdoors of which we speak.

These trapdoors can be seen during the guided tour of the theater.


What to see in the Shakespare's Globe Theater

In this wonderful theater you can enjoy the best theater performances of the city that take place during the months from May to October. You can get an entry from 5 pounds, without a seat.

In addition, guided tours are conducted throughout the year through which you can know the secret holes through which the characters of the works of Shakespeare appeared and disappeared. The interior of this theater is impressive and if you decide to make the visit you will see for yourself.


Buy tickets online

My recommendation is that you buy tickets now to avoid queues, you can do it in this link:

Online tickets € 18

Also, if you book tickets online, it includes free guided tour and access to the exhibition.


Location, timetables and prices

The Shakespeare's Globe Theater is located at 21 New Globe Walk, near the banks of the River Thames. The nearest subway stops are London Bridge, St Paul's and Southwark, so you can take the opportunity to see the Tower Bridge, the London Tower or the city's futuristic city hall.

The visiting hours of the interior of the theater go from 10 in the morning until 5.30 in the afternoon.

The price of access for London Pass holders and children under 5 is free, for children aged 5 to 15 it is 8 pounds, for students it is 11 pounds and for adults it is 13.50 pounds.

In short, it is more expensive to visit the Shakespeare's Globe Theater  than go to see a performance. It's up to you.

21 New Globe Walk
Londres United Kingdom
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