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Salisbury is a famous and well-known city, especially for its mythical Stonehenge, but the truth is that it has much more to offer tourists than visiting that megalithic site. Here, in this article, we explain everything you need to know about Salisbury.

Surprise yourself with all the places to see in Salisbury:


First, how could it be otherwise, we should mention Stonehenge. The most famous megalithic site in Europe and which, even today, remains a mystery for archaeologists and anthropologists. What was it for? Who built it? When? Unsolved mysteries that still require a lot of study, but that you can not miss under any circumstances.

The Cathedral

But, on the other hand, in Salisbury, you will also find one of the most beautiful medieval cathedrals in all of England. With a tower of 123 meters high, this authentic wonder of architecture will make you fall in love from the first moment you set foot in it. You can not miss it under any circumstances.

Also, in Salisbury there are some other minor cathedrals, which lose importance in front of the great Salisbury Cathedral, but which also deserve your attention, because they are works of art that will amaze you. Not in vain, Salisbury is known for having a large number of cathedrals and the beauty of them.

Old Sarum

Not far away, about three kilometers, you can find the ruins of Old Sarum. They are easily accessible on foot, so if you wish, you can take a walk with your family from the city to these ruins. There you will find the true origin of Salisbury, since the archaeological remains that are found there passed from the original inhabitants of the island in the Neolithic, the Romans and the Saxons.

Buildings and markets

In addition, you have other places that deserve special attention, such as the Church of San Tomás and Edmundo, the Stourhead Garden, The New Inn, the Farmers Market, etc. It is a very beautiful and characteristic city that you can not miss, that will make you fall in love and that will make you spend some very good moments during your visit. It is advisable to travel as a family, because they will make you feel at home. The biggest problem in this regard is that it lacks activities for children.

As you can suppose, our last recommendation is that you know its people and its gastronomy, since it is the true way of knowing the way of life of the city, and that is worth as much or more than the visit to the most characteristic buildings. In addition, walking through its streets is very encouraging, since Salisbury is full of shops and bars with a terrace, as well as very old canals and streets. The people are fantastic.

As you can see, you have a lot to discover in Salisbury. Our most sincere recommendation is that you do not limit yourself to visit the Stonehenge Ruins, but make an effort to know everything that this magnificent city can bring you, because, for some reason that we are not able to identify, it is a particularly cozy, and with a most friendly people.

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