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While it is said that in the English capital people are somewhat distant, there is a romantic London that you should not miss if you go with your partner. It can be a different destination for a nice honeymoon, for example.

These are some of the most charming corners of London to enjoy with your boyfriend or girlfriend:

You can take advantage of your stay and choose a perfect place to propose to your girlfriend, celebrate a wedding anniversary, go on a honeymoon or enjoy a different holiday with the person you love. Some alternatives in romantic London are:

London Eye

This icon of the city was built to celebrate a new millennium and today its 32 capsules are visited by thousands of people every day. Each of these (representing the London districts) has a capacity for 25 people. If you have some extra money, you can rent an exclusive cabin and enjoy a bottle of champagne with 30 minutes of panoramic views of London. Unmissable at sunset.

Little Venice

We can not deny that Venice is a romantic city where you look at it. And if we are in the cold and wet London, that's no problem, since this neighborhood recreates it quite well. Located between the canals of Paddington and Regent, you can take a boat ride and be amazed by the people who live in boats on the banks. To get to this place, take the subway to Paddington station, ideal for visiting shops and cafes and admiring mansions near Regent's Park.

Primrose Hill

It can be a second part for the previous trip, since it is located near Regent Park. Or an antechamber to the boat tour. This place is chosen by many Londoners for picnics on the lawn, therefore, it is perfect in your plan to know the hidden romantic London. In the background, the skyscrapers of the City, the BT Tower and the dome of the St. Paul Cathedral. A nice garden with roses of various colors for a marriage proposal that you can not refuse.


Can a cemetery be an option in the idea of ​​enjoying a romantic London? Of course, because it is not about any cemetery. This site attracts attention for its vegetation and architecture, in two main styles: neo-Gothic and Victorian. There rest the remains of important people like Karl Marx or George Eliot. There are guided tours.

Kew Gardens

You can walk on the trees in this English city. You can also enjoy the Victorian gardens, the glass pavilions, the dozens of plant species (one of the largest collections in the world) and an 18th century pagoda. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience for both.

Hyde Park

More precisely the Serpentine Lake, where you can ride a boat away from the bustle of London, perfect for a sunny day. In addition, a wonderful garden to spend outdoors with the love of your life.

Cruise on the River Thames

An undoubtedly beautiful option within the romantic London plan. Bridges are always associated with love and here you will find several, as well as beautiful views of the most outstanding tourist spots of the city.

You can see the map of London to locate each of these monuments.

Romantic hotels in London

To make it a totally unforgettable experience it is best to accompany all this of a good accommodation. In this article last month we selected the best charming hotels in London, select accommodations with all kinds of details that make the difference.

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