Roman Baths of Bath

Termas Romanas de Bath

The Roman baths of Bath are a dream place located west of the city of London. This is the best way to describe them. Anyone who has visited some hot springs in any of the countries that dominated the Romans, knows that they are true works of art and relaxation. However, those in Bath are even better, so we almost beg you not to leave the UK without visiting them. Also, you can take advantage to visit the city of Bristol, located right next to it.


What to see in the Roman Baths of Bath

Bath has some additional attractions, in addition to the Roman baths, but first, let's focus on the Roman Baths of Bath. In them you can enjoy the Thermae Bath Spa, a spa with mineral-rich waters. You can also visit the rooftop pool, from where you have stunning views of the entire city.

It is noteworthy that the first use that was given to the thermal waters of Bath, was given by the Celts, not by the Romans. Although with the arrival of these and their engineering, the thermal baths would be greatly improved. However, you can still find, in the museums, information about how the Celts used these thermal baths.

In the 6th century, once the Romans lost control of the island, the magnificent construction of the Romans completely disappeared. It was not until the 12th century that the first recovery of the spring was made, and later, until the 16th century, when the government built the Queen's Bath.

In recent times, in addition to the Roman baths of Bath (a reconstruction that probably has little relation to the original construction), much importance has been given to the museum that is inside the complex.

In this museum you can see objects that were thrown into the spring in the form of offerings to the gods. Among the different objects, for example, it is possible to find 12,000 Roman coins.

The reconstruction of the temple, although we do not know if it has much or little relationship with the original Roman construction, has been carried out according to the classic standards, and is really a construction worth seeing.

Finally, it should be noted that, in addition to the Roman baths of Bath, in the city you will find many other activities (besides a wonderful natural environment), such as, for example, the house-museum of Jane Austen. This renowned novelist was the most important celebrity born in the city.

Guided visit

There is an exceptional guided tour in which you can visit Stonehenge, Windsor and the baths of Bath for about € 68.

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Additional Information

Price: The price is 18 pounds if you want to visit the hot springs and the museum, and 14 pounds if you only want to visit the hot springs. Children only have to pay 9 pounds, and, in addition, there are special tickets for families.

Address: The Roman baths of Bath are, as you can imagine, in Bath, on York St.

Hours: The Roman baths of Bath are open every day from 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 p.m.

As you can see, the Roman baths of Bath are a must for anyone who wants to know in depth the oldest history of England. It is a visit that, in addition to relaxing and having a good day with your family, will allow you to become acculturated, which is always welcome.

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