Regent's Park

Regent's Park

The Regent's Park is one of the real parks that most tourists visits receives throughout the year. And it is not only its unbeatable location is an incentive to visit it but the art that hides inside, and that the architect John Nash himself designed, is worth seeing.

This park opened its doors in 1838 but previously the land it occupies today was owned by the Dukes of Portland and later, as early as the nineteenth century, they were used by Henry VIII as a private game preserve.


What to see in Regent's Park

This royal park is divided into three distinct areas: an outer circle ( Outer Circle ), an inner circle ( Inner Circle ) and the most cared area of ​​all called Queen Mary's Gardens.

In the northern part of the park you can visit the Regent's Canal, a lake surrounded by vegetation that will give you some of the best photographs of the park.

In addition, in the northeast you can find the famous London Zoo which is not just any zoo but we are talking about the oldest zoo in the world. There you will find animals of a great variety of species, flowers and plants from all over the world.

In the most beautiful part of the park, Queen Mary's Garden, you will find incredible botanical gardens, a wide variety of flowers, the famous Triton Fountain and the Open Air Theater.

On the other hand, the park also Alberta the official residence of the United States Ambassador known as the Winfield House and the famous Regent's Park mosque. This park has it all!

In total, we talk about a park of 2 km² full of gardens, lakes, waterfowl, leisure and sports areas, children's areas, a boat area and a host of facilities that make it one of the best parks in the city of London, next to Hyde Park.


Things to do in Regent's Park

Besides going to the park to see the birds and the floral species that you will find there, many tourists and the inhabitants of the city go there to practice some outdoor sport. From soccer to rugby, athletics, cycling, tennis, field hockey or rowing in its lake of more than 9 hectares. You can do whatever you want!

So, if you are lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day during your stay in London, we recommend you visit one of its parks to see how those days are lived in the city and the large number of activities that can be done in parks such as Regent's Park.

And if you decide to visit it, keep in mind that right next door you have the Madame Tussauds Museum and the Sherlock Holmes Museum, so there are no excuses. Visit them!


How to get to Regent's Park

The easiest way to get to the park is to get off at the Regent's Park metro station but you can also get off at Baker Street or Great Portland Street.

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