Prices in London

The city of London is reputed to be one of the most expensive European cities to visit for tourists and, indeed, in most sectors it is like that. However, like in any other city, finding more affordable prices is not an impossible task but you will have to search and investigate the lesser streets of London.


Transport prices in London

When you arrive at one of the three airports in London, the first thing you will need is to use the transport to reach the city center or the reserved accommodation in question. Well, the available options and their prices are the following:

  • Taxi : the average price is around 50-85 pounds sterling (60 minutes duration)
  • Bus : buses that leave from the airport and arrive at different stops in the city of London are the cheapest transport you can use and its price is around 9 pounds sterling. In each of the three airports you will find different buses: Easy Bus, Terravisión Bus, etc.
  • Metro : with a travelcard you can pay 12 pounds a day and enter and leave as many times as you want. You can buy it for 7 days for a price of 32.10 pounds but only valid for zones 1-2.
  • Train : like buses, each airport has certain trains, faster and higher priced or slower and lower price. The average price of fast trains is 23 pounds.


Price of museums and attractions in London

Access to London museums and permanent exhibitions is free, but temporary exhibitions usually cost. However, the famous London wax museum ( Madame Tussauds ) does have a very high cost that reaches 30 pounds (22.50 pounds if you buy the ticket online).

The attractions of London such as the famous ferris wheel ( London Eye ), the Tower of London or the Westminster Abbey have high prices that not all tourists can afford. They range from 15 pounds to 40 pounds per person, can you imagine a family of 4 people who want to ride the London Eye?

In any case, there are tour packages where you can buy tickets for several attractions and that come out much cheaper. For example, enter the Madame Tussauds + London Eye Museum 35 pounds if you book the pack online. It's a matter of looking for the best prices!


Prices of restaurants in London

The restaurants in London are very varied. You can eat a sandwich from 3 pounds or make a more complete meal in an elegant restaurant for 25-30 pounds per person. There are many British bars that offer combined dishes or dishes similar to our Spanish tapas that come with a pint of beer and are priced at around 5 pounds.


Generic prices in London

  • Beer pint: £ 2 in day bars and £ 3 in night bars (£ 1 on Mondays)
  • Coffee with milk: £ 2.50
  • 1 movie ticket (premiere): £ 12
  • Meal at McDonalds (Meal Deal - medium menu): £ 3.60
  • Bottle 2 liters of milk: £ 1
  • Cigar pack (20 pcs): from £ 5
  • Single metro ticket (any area): £ 4
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