Places near London

During a stay in the English capital, you can take advantage to enjoy the places near London, each with its style, its attractions and its history. By offering very efficient means of transport, as in almost the entire island, in a matter of minutes we can be taking advantage of a day in a charming countryside or town near London.

That is why this article is aimed at discovering other interesting places, apart from everything to see in London.

If on the contrary you are looking for all the tourist places of the city of London, then visit the What to See section.

Do not miss, for example, less than 40 km from the wonderful Windsor, with its homonymous castle, which can be reached by train from Waterloo Station; the university city of Cambridge (87 km) an hour by train and beautiful for its architectural wealth or another must-see for lovers of history and study such as Oxford, 94 km from London and traveling by train from Paddinton.

Another of the Places near London (more than 100 km away), is the medieval village of Warcwick with castles, moats, towers and canyons traveling from Marylebone.


Accommodation in cities near London

If you plan to move outside of London, it is important to book the hotel where you are going to stay in time. We have a selection of recommended hotels in London made by our own users. Surely you find the accommodation that suits your needs, there are more than 2000 establishments on that list!

Well, to get to the point, here is a large selection of nearby sites, well detailed and explained:

Castillo de Warwick

Warwick Castle

The Warwick Castle , how could it be otherwise, is located in Warwick, Warwickshire County, and is located on the meander of the River Avon. With almost a thousand years of history, this castle is a fantastic place where you will learn a lot of things about the medieval...
Acantilados de Dover


Dover is an English city in the county of Kent that is tremendously famous for the so-called white cliffs that attract thousands of tourists every year, as well as being the largest port of the English Channel. One of the curiosities about this city is the one that is...
Stratford upon Avon


Stratford Upon Avon is the English city that gave birth to the great William Shakespeare and all its corners give off history and memories related to the artist. The city is located 150 kilometers north of London, very close to Oxford and Warwick Castle . Arrive in...


Stonehenge is one of the places near London that most tourists visit every year and is that its age of 5,000 years does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a monument of megalithic origin, formed by large stones positioned mysteriously, which has become the most famous in...
Catedral de Salisbury


Salisbury is a famous and well-known city, especially for its mythical Stonehenge , but the truth is that it has much more to offer tourists than visiting that megalithic site. Here, in this article, we explain everything you need to know about Salisbury. Surprise yourself...
Universidad de Oxford


Oxford is one of the best-known cities in England, and has much to offer tourists, both those who visit the city of London for the first time, and those who have visited other cities in the United Kingdom. It is located northwest of London and we are sure you will love it...
Windsor Castle


Windsor is a great city that can not be separated from its sister Eton. So much so, that you will not know when you have moved from one city to the next, because they have developed together. In fact, it is common to mention both cities under the name of Windsor-Eton...
Castillo de Leeds


Leeds is one of those English cities that are in the shadow of the great cities that we all know. However, when traveling to England, it is practically essential to visit these cities somewhat smaller because they have unique characteristics that you should not miss under...
Termas Romanas de Bath

Roman Baths of Bath

The Roman baths of Bath are a dream place located west of the city of London. This is the best way to describe them. Anyone who has visited some hot springs in any of the countries that dominated the Romans, knows that they are true works of art and relaxation. However,...


Brighton is a coastal city located in the south of England that is very well connected to Brighton and that by having beach , it becomes one of the most visited places by Londoners and tourists who arrive in London in the middle of summer. When you visit Brighton and...


Bristol is an important city in England and, although it is not as well known as others, the truth is that it has much to offer tourists who want to learn a little more about the history of the United Kingdom. In this article we mentioned some obligatory visits that you...
Castillo de Vanburgh

Castle of Bamburgh

On a large rock in the North Sea is one of the most exciting and most historic places in the United Kingdom: The Castle of Bamburgh. A must for any tourist who wants to know the history of England in depth. Index What to see in Bamburgh Castle Recommendations before...
Universidad de Cambridge


Cambridge is a city located about 87 kilometers north of London that has become world famous thanks to the fame of the University of Cambridge located there. It is the capital of Cambrigeeshire and is located on the banks of the Cam River, hence its name. Index What to see...
Vista aérea de Oxford Street

Oxford Street

In London, if you love shopping , you can not miss a visit to Oxford Street, one of the most commercial streets of the city. This famous street stretches for 2000 meters from Marble Arch continuing through Oxford Circus to St Gile's Circus and towards the intersection with...
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