Parks and gardens of London

The parks and gardens of London to enjoy the outdoors in the high season during your stay are really beautiful. You can spend time with your family, your partner or your friends and rest from the hectic London life.

In this city you can visit several parks and gardens, although they are not as popular or renowned as museums or monuments. If you go to London during the summer or spring months, you can not miss visiting Hyde Park (the largest in the city center), St James's Park (the oldest Royal park), Kensington Gardens (open to the public in 1841) ), Regent's Park (another of the most visited parks and gardens in London) and Green Park (until the 19th century, a hiding place for bandits but later, a place for leisure for residents).

These outdoor recreation areas in the English capital are accessible by means of transport such as the subway or the bus. You can rest between walks or spend the day in such beautiful places.

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Lago de Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the oldest park in central London and one of the 9 real parks you'll find in the city. Currently belongs to the British crown and is located right next to Green Park and Kensington Gardens . Hyde Park covers an area of ​​140 hectares and has a host of tourist...
Green Park

Green Park

The park known as Greek Park is one of the best known of the city of London due, among other things, to that it is a Royal Park as it has more than 19 hectares in size. Green Park is located right between Hyde Park and St. Jame's Park , the two most popular parks that add...
saint james park

St James's Park

St Jame's Park is the oldest royal park in London, located in a privileged place as is the Westminster area, very close to Buckingham Palace and other buildings of great importance. The park was created throughout the year 1532, when Enrique VIII acquired the 23 hectares...
Regent's Park

Regent's Park

The Regent's Park is one of the real parks that most tourists visits receives throughout the year. And it is not only its unbeatable location is an incentive to visit it but the art that hides inside, and that the architect John Nash himself designed, is worth seeing. This...
Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens

The gardens formerly known as the private gardens of Kensington Palace today have become one of the most colorful royal parks in the city of London and are known as the Kensington Gardens . These gardens are located right next to Hyde Park and Green Park and thanks to its...
Holland Park

Holland Park

London is not only the city of rain and incredible museums, but the wide variety of green areas have made it one of the cities with the most kilometers of different parks . Obviously, some parks are better known than others, and as a general rule, tourists tend to visit...
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