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In London, if you love shopping, you can not miss a visit to Oxford Street, one of the most commercial streets of the city. This famous street stretches for 2000 meters from Marble Arch continuing through Oxford Circus to St Gile's Circus and towards the intersection with Charing Cross Road and Tottenham Court Road. 

Learn more about the street

This street has its origins in an old Roman road that linked Gampshire and Colchester, and at that time it was the main entrance and exit road.
During the last years of the eighteenth century, an Earl of Oxford bought almost all the adjoining land to create entertainment venues that became very famous. During the nineteenth century it was developed, there were more and more shops and little by little it was one of the busiest streets. Its commercial nature of those years has come to this day, currently works as the headquarters of the main stores, such as the emblematic, Selfridge or stores like Zara, Bershka or Adidas

We recommend that in each store you have a look at the Food Hall, an area of ​​the shops dedicated exclusively to gastronomy, for example, that of Jonh Lewis located in the basement is very well assembled and with a great variety of gastronomic products.

A very lively street

Many people prefer not to visit Oxford Street because they believe it is too touristy but this is a mistake because it is one of the streets where most reflects the London style, is where the inhabitants of the city buy, move and walk. In this street you will always see movement and a lot of life, and it does not matter if it is day or night, so it is ideal if you are looking for nightlife.


We recommend visiting this street at Christmas because it is decorated voluminously with thousands of colored lights along the entire street. Many celebrities participate in this show and turn on the light switch the second week of November, Leona Lewis or Robbie Williams are some of the celebrities who have collaborated in this Christmas tradition.

Oxford Street
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