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Oxford is one of the best-known cities in England, and has much to offer tourists, both those who visit the city of London for the first time, and those who have visited other cities in the United Kingdom. It is located northwest of London and we are sure you will love it.

I'm gonna tell you everything you can see in Oxford:

County Hall

In Oxford, the first must-see is the County Hall, the town hall. It is a really surprising building, which seems to have been designed for the satisfaction of children who like the Middle Ages and fairy tales, than for the administration of a city. However, it is the town hall, and the construction has centuries of history. If the City Hall of London already seemed striking, this will not leave you indifferent.

Cathedral and University

Another of the buildings that deserve your attention is the Cathedral of Christ Church, at the University of Oxford. It is curious that a cathedral is inside a university, and maybe that's why we get so much attention and we recommend your visit (apart from its architectural beauty).

Buildings and Towers

If you keep looking for buildings that deserve a visit, do not worry, you will find them easily. You can go to St. Mary the Virgin Church, the Carfax Tower, the Radcliffe Camera, Radcliffe Square... I assure you, once you are in Oxford, you will not get bored, and you will get to know in depth a truly amazing architecture.

If we move a bit towards the field of cultural and scientific, it should be noted that Oxford has an important Natural History Museum, which, logically, does not come anywhere near the science museums of London, but it will help you learn some things and have fun as a family.

Main streets

We recommend you, too, to walk the streets of Oxford, as, for example, the highly regarded New College Lane. This is one of the most famous streets in Oxford, and has a beauty without equal, with strange bridges crossing from one side of the street to another (from building to building) and other mysteries that really surprise the visitor.


You can also go to the Covered Market, where you can see how the most traditional purchases are carried out, far from the large stores. In the Oxford Covered Market you can see the daily life of the people of the city, and that is always interesting when you are getting to know a new country and a new city.

Finally, you can search one of the numerous bars to have a drink after such an active day. We recommend The Duke's Cut, a cozy bar with good service and located on the banks of a river, so you can relax listening to the water while having a drink before returning to your hotel.

Tip: book a one-day visit

To take advantage of a whole day the best thing to do is take a guided tour that includes Oxford, Stratford upon Avon and Warwick.


As you can see, Oxford has a lot to offer you. It is one of those cities that is worth visiting as a family, since there are different activities to satisfy each of the members equally. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and visit the city that hosts one of the most important universities in the world.

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