Museum of Transport

Museo del Transporte

The Museum of Transport will let you know what has been the evolution of the different means of transport used in the city of London over time. As it could not be otherwise in a museum of this subject, the visitor will be able to realize how intimately related the type of transport used with the socioeconomic level of the moment.

What to see in the Transport Museum?

As soon as you arrive at the Museum of Transport, you will find yourself in front of a gigantic building of Victorian style, built with wrought iron and glass, which stands out for its beauty, but also for how impressive it is.

Once inside, you can enjoy a wide variety of elements. Logically, you can visit and see the different types of vehicles and means of transport that were used in London over the years, but also, you can also see drawings and photographs of them, as well as the advertising posters with which encouraged citizens to use them during the first years of use.

The Transport Museum is designed in such a way that, if you follow the route, you will see how the different means of transport in London have evolved chronologically. This is very convenient for the visitor, since you can get a global idea of ​​how transport has evolved in the city without having to break your head looking for what type of bus or rail was the first to be used.

How could it be otherwise in a museum like this, you can also enjoy authentic relics that are not present in any other museum in the world, as, for example, the oldest urban bus in London (which was pulled by horses, as if it were a gigantic carriage). You can also see the first locomotive that was used in the first suburban, or the first two-floor bus models.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a highly recommended museum for children. They are very used to cars, buses today by everyone known, trains, etc. For them it is a real discovery to know how transport worked a few years ago, since they have never seen anything like it. You will love the Transport Museum!

Therefore, we can say that the Museum of Transport is a museum worth visiting when traveling to London, either alone or as a family, as it is very easy to travel and illustrates very well what has been the evolution of the media of transport in a city as important as London.


Buy tickets online

You can book tickets online for about 18€, so you avoid queues and ensure access before you get there:

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Price, access and schedule

Price: The price is 15 pounds, except for any type of student, who only has to pay 11.5 pounds. Also, if you have a London Pass, you can access it for free.

Address: The Transport Museum is located in the Plaza de Covent Garden and the nearest metro station is Covent Garden.

Schedule: It is open every day (including Saturdays and Sundays) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Fridays, which open at 11:00).


           As you can see, the Transport Museum is a must see for anyone spending a few days in London. Its price is slightly high, but we guarantee that it is worth paying the entrance fee. 

Plaza de Covent Garden
Londres United Kingdom
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