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The Museum of London provides the opportunity for tourists to know in depth the history of the city, since it allows to carry out a long journey from prehistory to today. A must for lovers of this beautiful city, as well as for lovers of history.



What will you find in the Museum of London?

The Museum of London is very well designed, and its organization is really good (it allows you to get a lot of information in a comfortable and fast way, so that when you leave the museum, you feel you have used the time completely).

It has a large number of real objects of all kinds, from prehistoric tools to pieces of railroads that led England to dominate the world during the time of the industrial revolution.

However, it also has other elements that provide more information, such as tables, interactive screens that you can use to obtain summaries and extra information, etc. If you are traveling as a family and you want to instill in your child a passion for knowledge, you can ask them to carry out some of the activities they organize for the little ones (after paying, of course).

Some of the elements that most attract attention during the visit to the Museum of London are the challenges of the Roman city, the different objects and utensils used by the English during the pandemic of bubonic plague to try to avoid it and different period dress.

You can also find reproductions of the city of London in the past, pictures and videos that simulate the London fire, examples of how London revolutionized the fashion of the whole world in the 60s, etc.

You will discover all this in chronological order, since the Museum of London is specially designed so that you can only travel it in one direction and with a fixed route, which helps a lot, since it guides you through each and every one of the historical periods, from prehistory, to our days.


End of the route

Finally, we have to mention the last part of the route. Those who enjoy London and consider it a great city, will fall in love with this part of the museum. In it, we can observe how the situation of prosperity for the country happened, but in which the society was divided between extreme wealth and extreme poverty, to the present, with a much more egalitarian system that has led to the city ​​to be one of the most important cities in the world.



Price, access and schedule

Price: Admission is free, as in all public museums in the city.

Address: London Wall, 150. The nearest metro station is St Paul'so Barbican.

Hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., every day (including Saturdays and Sundays).


           As you can see, the Museum of London is a must for anyone who wants to know with a little depth the history of a city as important and famous as this one. One of the most cosmopolitan capitals in the world, which now opens its bowels to discover everything you ever wanted to know about it.

London Wall, 150
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