Map of London

A good map of London will help you not to miss out on your trip, especially if you do not understand much English or if you do not dare to consult anyone on the street.

There are different planes of the city that you can get and even download on your mobile, tablet or laptop to use while touring the English capital. However, all recommend carrying a paper map, for anything that may happen with our device.

One of the issues to consider when using a map of London is the zip code of each neighborhood or area in particular. W is West, WC is West City, EC is East City, E is East, N is North, NW is Northwest, SE is Southeast and SW is Southwest. Buy a street map and a good London guide that offers you detailed information on the means of transport, especially the Subway and bus stations, essential in your stay.

With this interactive map you can easily locate the most interesting places with the updated information of each place. You can explore it with the mouse, hold down to scroll or rotate the wheel to zoom in or out on the viewer. Also with your mobile you can use it with your fingers.

It contains more than 75 places of interest distributed in the main neighborhoods of London, among which stands out the Big Ben with all its elegance, the famous Coca-Cola Ferris wheel of London (which every traveler must climb if you want to have the best perspective of the area), the British Museum and the rest of art halls, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace, in short, all the places you must visit. You will also find stations, bus stations, airports and attractions.


The plans of the hotels

Another good tip I can give you is that upon arrival at the hotel you request one or several plans at the reception, as they always have - they are given by the city's own tourist office - and contain valuable information about cultural events on those dates ( offers, shows, etc). By the way, if you have not yet made your hotel reservation remember that in the section where to stay in London you have all the tips to choose the accommodation that fits with what you are looking for. Remember that, the plans of the hotels are very valid.


Print the map of London

One recommendation is that you take the map on paper before your trip, so you can zoom in on this map and print it out with your own home printer in various formats, in black and white or color, as you prefer. Also in the section we have dedicated to the London Underground you can print the underground map, although you should know that as soon as you get there you will be able to buy a map in many of the stations, mainly in the larger ones. It's free of charge.


Street map of the city

At least it is also interesting to have a map of the main streets of the city, even if it is not very detailed, as it will give you a general idea of the location of the important districts and areas


Tourist map

En las oficinas de turismo de la ciudad, así como en los grandes almacenes como Harrod's te ofrecerán cantidad de /node/5757s turísticos de Londres con publicidad y ofertas de espectáculos y ocio. Estos planos son también otra buena opción.


Google maps, the mobile option

If you are sure that you will have an internet connection during your trip, the best option to carry in your pocket is the mobile phone with Google Maps loaded. To do this, add this page to your browser's favourites and open it whenever you need it (remember, with an internet connection).

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