London in two days

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Do you want to know London in two days? Then you should know that you can not rest for almost a minute. There are so many things to do in the capital of England, that if you stay a second quiet, you will miss something impressive.

Day one

We start at the Westminster subway station, to see the Palace of the same name and the famous Big Ben. Then we will go to Westminster Abbey (open at 9:30 am), Buckingham Palace (at 11:30 am on even days the changing of the guard is done). We will walk through The Mall to Trafalgar Square and we will pass through Admiralty Arch. Then we can go to the National Gallery and St. Martin Church, known for its crypt.

We will go to Leicester Square to eat and find the steps of Shakespeare and Chaplin. For the after-dinner, a walk through Piccadilly Circus, continuing through the shops of Regent Street. A small detour will allow us to go to Carnaby Street in the middle of Soho in London. Returning to the previous street, we can visit the shops of Oxford Street.

It is recommended in this visit to London in two days to go to the streets Frith and Greek, as well as to the Gerrard. As I'm sure it's not long until dark, we hurry to get to Covent Garden and find a place to dine.

Day two

The journey begins at the St. Paul's subway station (red line, central), to visit the Saint Paul's Cathedral, known for many films, which opens at 8.30 and has a guided tour of one hour (they are not allowed photographs or videos inside). L fter, walk along Cannon Street to see the Temple of Mithras, following the path, passing by The Monument (the Great Fire of London).

What follows is going to the Leadenhall Market, which appears in Harry Potter. We can eat something there because after this comes the main course: the Tower of London. It opens its doors in high season until 17.30 and in low season until 4.30 pm. The visit is about two hours.

Later, Camden is a perfect place to meet and eat something. We do not have to miss Tower Bridge either and cross over to the other side of the River Thames to visit the City Hall. On this route we will meet the British Museum.

And there is still time for more, we can choose some of these options in our trip to London in two days :

  • Portobello Road.
  • National Gallery, Tate Britain and Tate Modern.
  • Tours following the stories of Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens or Jack the Ripper.


More tips

As sure you have left wanting to do more things in the English capital and surroundings, no doubt you want to return. London will be waiting for you with open arms and the vast majority of its attractions and free museums! You can not miss visiting the surroundings of the city, including Cambridge or Oxford, the university cities with the most history and prestige in the world.

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