Tours through London

Thanks to the Tours in London, you will know every corner of the capital of England : its history, its culture, its architecture, its customs, the life of the Kings and Princes, modernity and much more.

There are different routes you can do during your stay in London , for example to learn more about the origins of the city, visit the most important points, take a walk on the River Thames, visit highlights such as Covent Garden, Camden Town, the Abbey of Westminster , the London Eye or the London Bridge.

For those who prefer the thematic type of London Tours, you can get to know the scary stories of Jack the Ripper, the historic pubs to drink a typical beer, the gardens and parks, London in the best Harry Potter style, etc. For those who have more time, they can enjoy tours of nearby places such as the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge , the fortress-towns of the Middle Ages and much more.

The London Tours should undoubtedly be done in the typical red double-decker bus .

Tower bridge

London in three days

Traveling through London in three days is not impossible, although you have to know that you have to be organized and not waste your time. Therefore, before starting your 72-hour stay in the English capital, get a good map and plan place by place to go. London in three days...
Teleférico de Londres

London with children

If you are organizing to go to London with children, you should know where to take them so they do not get bored and can spend a wonderful stay. Know which are the best places where big and small will enjoy without hesitation. London with children: what to visit Tower of...
picadilly circus by Ruth bruin

Weekend in London

Are you planning a weekend in London? Would you like to do for two days in the English capital? Before knowing the list of activities and attractions, remember to be very organized and plan every minute, which will be worth gold in a city where there are things to do to...
Río Támesis

London in two days

Do you want to know London in two days? Then you should know that you can not rest for almost a minute. There are so many things to do in the capital of England, that if you stay a second quiet, you will miss something impressive. London in two days: day one We start at the...
Skyline de Londres

London at night

As with many cities, London at night is really beautiful and worthy to enjoy. There are different activities to do when the sun goes down in the English capital according to your interests. London at night: walks and theaters If you are one of those who like to know the...
Pasear con niños por Londres

London as a family

Do you want to know what are the activities to do in London as a family? Many! You can enjoy really wonderful days in the company of your loved ones, regardless of age, tastes or budget (yes, because although the English capital is crossed out of costly, it has free things...
Londres romántico

Romantic London

While it is said that in the English capital people are somewhat distant, there is a romantic London that you should not miss if you go with your partner . It can be a different destination for a nice honeymoon, for example. Romantic London: Corners to fall in love You can...
Regent's Park

Green London

If your plan is to know a Green London like nobody else, there are several proposals for your itinerary. This beautiful European city has several parks to explore, the possibility of cycling and many sustainable options for tourists and residents. Green London: everything...
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