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Traveling through London in three days is not impossible, although you have to know that you have to be organized and not waste your time. Therefore, before starting your 72-hour stay in the English capital, get a good map and plan place by place to go.

London in three days: first day

Let's assume that your first day in London is even date and therefore, there is a change of guard, a ceremony that you can not miss for anything in the world. Otherwise, start on the second day and then return to this section.

Start your day in Hyde Park, one of the most popular in the city and very close to Buckingham Palace. Your tour of the park should start very early, before 10 o'clock in the morning and the starting point is the Marble Arch metro station. Take a walk to the south end, by Wellington Arch.

Right next door is the Green Park, cross it and arrive just at 11.30 am and the beautiful change of guard. Then, cross through St. James's Park to reach Westminster Abbey, another place you can not miss in the capital of England. This attraction will take you approximately two hours, the most extensive visit in the city.

Advancing towards the River Thames you will find the Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. Crossing the Bridge you will reach the Noria London Eye, do not stop climbing to enjoy the best views of the metropolis. When you go down you can take advantage of something to eat in the surroundings.

Take the subway and get off at Knightsbridge Station to get to the Harrods warehouse, one of the largest and best known in the world. This walk will take a few hours. For dinner time, you can go to the Piccadilly Circus area and return early to the hotel to recharge.


Second day

Start at the Tower of London. This visit will take you almost all morning, therefore arrive as early as possible. Cross the Tower Bridge to the south bank of the Thames and there you will find the City Hall of London and then the battleship HMS Belfast. Maybe in this first visit to the city you can not travel both attractions, but there will be another opportunity.

Continue to London Bridge station and take the subway to Camden Town, with its markets, shops and restaurants. Again on the subway to Goodge Street, visit the British Museum, where the Rosetta Stone and the Egypt section stand out. Walk the two most important shopping streets: Oxford and Regent. You can dine in Chinatown.


Third day

Start at 10 in the morning with the Saint Paul's Cathedral, do not miss the dome and the crypt. Take the subway to Charing Cross, get to Trafalgar Square and then come to the National Gallery. End your stay in the city with a visit to the Covent Garden neighborhood, with many shops, restaurants and theaters.

3-day accommodation in London

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