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Palacio Kensington

The Kensington Palace is the residence where several members of the British royal family was staying and residence of the Princess of most famous of history until the day of his death Wales: Princess Diana. This palace is open to the public today and it is home to the Dukes of Kent, the Dukes of Gloucester, the Dukes of Cambridge and Prince Michael of Kent and the Princess. This makes it a must-see for tourists traveling to the city of London.

The palace is located in the area of ​​Kensington Gardens, right on the side of Hyde Park and Holland Park, so you can take the opportunity to visit them. The building draws attention for its size but also for its age: 320 years very well taken.

Unfortunately, since 2012 you can not access all the rooms that we would like due to the renovation that has been underway since then.

What to see in Kensington Palace

The architect responsible for the construction of the palace is Christopher Wren, the same author of the Saint Paul's Cathedral. In its beginnings, surprising as it may seem, it was a country house built in red brick just before 1689, the year in which it became the home of the British monarchy and remained so until today

Apart from the importance and the desire to know the residence of the British royal family, Kensington Palace opens its doors to show the exhibition that is hosted there. It must be said that the exhibition is expensive to visit but the payment of the ticket gives you access to the rest of the palace rooms.

Enchanted Palace

Due to the renovation work that the palace undergoes at present, it is only possible to visit certain rooms and bedrooms. The entire area that the public can access has been called the Enchanted Palace.

This area of ​​the palace is of classic style and has an old decoration that really draws attention because it does not look like anything we have in our houses. However, the modernist style makes its appearance in some corners and all the history that has occurred behind each part of the palace emanates from the mouth of the guide who will show you every hidden corner.

The smallest detail is worth appreciating in this palace and the anecdotes and stories so peculiar to the British monarchy that has lived here and that you can know thanks to the visit are essential to get to know the Royal Family. They are stories of princes and princesses that we are accustomed to see in the movies but that really take shape in reality and we do not even know it.

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Location, timetables and price

Kensington Palace is located at 2 Vere Mews Street in Kensington Gardens. The nearest subway stops are Hight Street Kensington, Nothing Hill Gate and Queensway.

Access to the interior of Kensington Palace is priced at 15 pounds for adults, 12.40 pounds for students and is free for owners of the London Pass card.

You can visit the Kensington Palace from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon throughout the year although it is true that from March to October it can be done until 6 in the afternoon.

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