Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens
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The gardens formerly known as the private gardens of Kensington Palace today have become one of the most colorful royal parks in the city of London and are known as the Kensington Gardens.

These gardens are located right next to Hyde Park and Green Park and thanks to its more than 100 hectares of roads, plants and trees it becomes one of the most peaceful and cozy places in the city center.

When a sunny day arrives, something they are not used to in London, all residents go out in summer clothes and lie in the sun in one of these parks so if you have the opportunity to visit them, do it because the atmosphere is unbeatable.


Origin and history of the park

These colorful and striking gardens were designed by Henry Wise and Charles Bridgeman back in 1728. Flowers, trees, a sunken Dutch garden or the famous Round Pond lake that gives life to the park, started from the idea of ​​these two men.

In the beginning, this park was linked to the popular Hyde Park but now both parks are separated by a border formed by the West Carriage Drive and the Serpentine Bridge.


What to see in the Kensington Gardens

The gardens of Kensington are, simply, spectacular. You can not visit this area without a good camera because I assure you that you are going to do some of the best pictures of your life.

Inside this park you will find several lakes that have been present in the gardens since about 1730. One of them is the well-known Serpentine Lake inside the park as The Long Water

Just in the northern part of this lake you can see The Italian Garden where you will find several classic sculptures and some fountains that give that garden an elegant touch.

If you go through the whole park you will also discover a carved tree trunk, called Elfil Oak, with an age of more than 900 years. Awesome.


How to get to the park

The nearest subway stop is High Street Kensington or Queensway.

In any case, many tourists choose to see the central parks of London during the same day: Hyde Park, Green Park and the Kensington Gardens. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day in London do not think about it, do not lock yourself in a museum and take advantage of the natural quality of the city's parks. 

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