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Hyde Park
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Hyde Park is the oldest park in central London and one of the 9 real parks you'll find in the city. Currently belongs to the British crown and is located right next to Green Park and Kensington Gardens.

Hyde Park covers an area of ​​140 hectares and has a host of tourist attractions of great interest and fun, for example, the Serpentine Lake where it is possible to rent rowing boats.

This place became famous in World War II when people used it as a meeting point to defend Hitler without fear of reprisals.

One of the most important traditions of Hyde Park is to celebrate the anniversaries of the Royal House by firing cannons: depending on the type of celebration, they shoot between 21 and 41 cartridges.


What to see in Hyde Park

Residents in London go to Hyde Park to perform activities such as cycling, tennis, swimming, skating, etc. but also to lie on the grass and sunbathe the day they can. In addition, the rental of lounge chairs in various areas of the park allows many families and groups of friends to spend the day in the park making the famous picnic that we see so much in international films and we have rarely seen in places like Spain.

If what you like is to walk and you want to know the whole park, you can walk through its green areas and long paths and relax away from the noise and stress of the city. 

In this beautiful tourist park you will have at your service kiosks, restaurants and even bars for drinks. In the summer, various entertainment events are organized, including the British Summer Time, a great live music show, comedy shows and films.

Hyde Park is well known for its Speakers' Corner (the speaker's corner in Spanish) and there, northwest of the park, is a place where orators and eccentrics meet to discuss religious or political issues, although today in Anyone can debate on any topic of interest, as long as the vocabulary is not offensive or goes against the law. This type of event is held on Sundays and people usually go there to support one or the other.

Another important tourist spot is the Kensington Gardens west of Hyde Park, where the memory of the late Princess Diana of Wales is honored. These beautiful gardens have an area of ​​about 260 hectares and belonged to the gardens of Kensington Palace that was the official residence of the princess after their marriage separation from Prince Charles.

As a tribute to Princess Diana of Wales, in 2004, a spectacular fountain was inaugurated, consisting of 545 pieces of granite, although no member of the crown attended the inauguration. The water from this source descends in several directions forming waterfalls. It also has three bridges that allow you to access the center of the fountain.

On the other hand, the lake that crosses the park gives a lot of play for children and adults. In it you can rent a boat and paddle but you can also, simply, visualize and see how they live and relate all the birds of the park among which you will find ducks, swans and some other more unknown species.

In general there are a lot of sites and monuments to visit within Hyde Park. Some of the most prominent are the Crystal Palace, the Holocaust Memorial or the Rose Gardens.

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