How to get to London

If you are looking for the answer to the question of How to get to London, you must know that the English capital is perfectly communicated by air, land and sea. You can arrive to the city through different means of transport, all with modern, technological and quality services.

One of the most used means to reach London is the plane, from almost all countries in Europe, as well as Asia, North America and Africa. The most important airport is Heathrow, but it is not the only one available in the vicinity.

There are many offers of flights to London, on this page you will find some.


Other options How to get to London are the train from Paris in a tour of 2 and a half hours; by bus also from the French capital; by car, crossing France until you reach Calais and then the Eurotunnel (a somewhat expensive option) or the ship, with routes to and from Spain, Portugal, France, among others and arriving at the two ports closest to London, ie, Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Here you have all the information of the airports:

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