Holland Park

Holland Park
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London is not only the city of rain and incredible museums, but the wide variety of green areas have made it one of the cities with the most kilometers of different parks. Obviously, some parks are better known than others, and as a general rule, tourists tend to visit Hyde Park, but there are other beautiful parks that are worth visiting, such as Richmond or Holland Park, which we are talking about below. :


Holland Park, the elegant green of Nothing Hill

The London area of Nothing Hill that we have seen through romantic movies that have left their mark on our hearts is an area of ​​London that has a very special charm. It is an elegant area in itself, with houses with super-maintained facades and an ideal cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Many people think that Nothing Hill has always been a neighborhood of wealthy people but nothing is further from the truth. In fact, in the 50s the neighborhood was flooded by Jamaican immigrants who gave a very special touch to the area. What is certain is that it is an elegant London neighborhood and that, today, the Victorian houses in this area of ​​London are among the most expensive in the city.

The area is very popular thanks to the famous Caribbean carnival, which is filled with famous people and Londoners wanting to have a good time, which is held there every August.

Well, Nothing Hill and its elegance is transferred to all the parks that are in the area, the most prominent being the famous Holland Park. You can get to this park through the subway, getting off at the station that receives the same name: Holland Park.

Also, if you want to continue walking through more parks and gardens, right next door you have the Kensington Gardens known as Kensington Gardens.


What to see in the Holland Park

This park is not one of the largest in the city of London but its charm lies in having a fully maintained area and another more natural area in which you can walk forgetting that you are in a park located in central London. It is, simply, incredible.

One of the charms of the park that excites visitors is the small Japanese lake. It is an area with a small waterfall that flows into a lake, all surrounded by endless flowers and Japanese ornaments.

In addition, if all those flowers and plants add the presence of several peacocks that run through the park, the environment is completely natural and children love it.

On the other hand, right on the other side of the park, you will find immense green meadows in which young people often play baseball, football or flying saucer.

One thing that is quite striking is that dogs have their own area within the park and, unlike other countries, the English are very respectful in this regard. You will not find anything that you do not want to see throughout the park because it is totally maintained and clean.

Gardens, flowers, nature and animals. The Holland Park has it all. You have to visit it!

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