Holidays in London

When you decide dates to make a trip it is very important that you consider the holidays of the city you are going to visit. Traveling during the holidays can mean a change in the planned trip you planned and lose all the charm of the city you are willing to visit.

Can you imagine traveling to London and finding all of its museums closed? It would be a real shame so that you do not find yourself in this situation, you should take into account the  holidays in London  and plan your trip based on the opening and closing days ofstoresmuseums, restaurantsattractions and even the transport that you need to use to move around the city.


Holidays in London to consider


The holidays in London are known as Bank Holidays and are distributed throughout the year as a commemoration of certain special events, whether historical, political or religious.

As a general rule, the holidays of the city are the following:


Christmas holidays

  •   New Year : January 1. This day is all closed.
  •   Christmas Day : December 25th. This day there is no public transport but you can find some shops, attractions and open restaurants, although it is not usual.
  •   Day of San Estebán (Boxing Day) : there is transport but with less frequency of the normal thing. It is the day on which, officially, the most important sales of the year begin.


This holiday has a history behind England's wealthy class since it was during this day that these people used to give the Christmas gifts that their servants did not like.

Banks are closed but shops and restaurants are open.


Festivities of Holy Week

Good Friday and Easter Monday have variable dates depending on the year. These two days reduce the frequency of public transport and stores and banks remain closed.


Saint George - Day of the Patron

On April 23, every year the Day of the Patron of England is celebrated and the great majority of the inhabitants of the city wear a red rose on the lapels of their jackets as a tribute. The banks remain closed.


Labor Day

As in Spain, London also celebrates Labor Day on May 1. This day the banks remain closed, like most stores.


Spring and summer party

These two parties are celebrated on the last Monday of May and the last Monday of August, respectively. These two days the banks remain closed and public transport circulates less frequently.

In any case, if you plan to travel to London on any of these dates and want to visit certain attractions, museums or monuments, it is best to analyze the opening and closing calendar of each of them in our section of What to See in London.

May the holidays in London not influence your trip!

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