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The ship HMS Belfast is anchored in the Thames River, next to Tower Bridge and is owned by the Imperial War Museum.

And what makes a warship anchored in the Thames River? Good question. It is a floating museum formed by several exhibitions that show the life that was carried in this type of boats while the Second World War was developing.

History of HMS Belfast

This important boat for the Londoners participated in the Normandy landings and was operational for 32 years under the command of Great Britain. Later, once the Second World War ended during the decade of the 50s, it was used by the country for humanitarian purposes. It was not until 1971 that HMS Belfast began to be used as a floating museum and remained so until today.


What to see in HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast has nothing more and nothing less than, nine decks available to visit during the tour. With the help of an audio guide you will be able to know all the stories and anecdotes that happened on this ship.

You can see all the wings of the ship, rooms, kitchen, cellar, boiler room and machine room and get an idea of ​​what life was like inside it. Some of the most curious rooms for most tourists are the dentist's room, the captain's and sailors' quarters or the nursing room.

Also, by visiting the control room and seeing the guns that once were used against the attacks that took place during the war, you can get an idea of ​​the danger that life entailed in these ships and the great history that exists behind all that amazing architecture.

As a recommendation during the visit, we will say that you have special care with steep stairs and narrow corridors that hinder access to certain areas. Remember that you are going to visit the whole boat so pay special attention to every corner.

Buy tickets online

If you want to ensure the availability of the ticket, I recommend you book in advance on this link:

Book tickets online 18€

Also booking online includes an audio guide so you don't lose detail.



As we have already mentioned, HMS Belfast is anchored on the River Thames, between the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. The nearest subway stop is London Bridge, exiting onto Tooley St.


Shcedules and prices

During the winter months, from November to February, the visiting hours range from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. The rest of the year can be visited until 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

Regarding the prices of the route, the minors of 16 years and the holders of the London Pass will enter free. Students will pay 11.60 pounds and adults 14.50 pounds.

For any additional information you can visit the official website of the Imperial Military Museum:

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