Green Park

Green Park

The park known as Greek Park is one of the best known of the city of London due, among other things, to that it is a Royal Park as it has more than 19 hectares in size.

Green Park is located right between Hyde Park and St. Jame's Park, the two most popular parks that add to the ranking of the most visited parks by tourists who come to London. The nearest subway stop to get to Green Park is the one that receives precisely the same name.


Origin of the Green Park

Although few tourists get to know it, we have to say that the hectares occupied today by the Green Park were occupied by a kind of cemetery of sick people with leprosy. They were buried here because it was a somewhat swampy land that was right next to St. Jame's Hospital. This was true until the sixteenth century, from which King Henry VIII turned this land into a hunting area.

Later, with Carlos II on the throne, the hunting area became a leisure area that came to be used as a hiding place by many bandits and thieves but was also used to perform certain duels, always previously approved by the Crown.

This space of leisure derived in the park that we know today. The Green Park is totally safe so you have nothing to fear, just enjoy nature and breathe the pure air that circulates among its trees.


What to see in Green Park

In comparison with the two parks mentioned, Green Park is somewhat below in aesthetic assessment for the fact of not having lakes and lack of different species of flowers. In fact, what you will see in this park is a large crowd of very old trees that are usually visited by tourists who come to the area to witness the Change of Guard that takes place in Buckingham Palace, very close to Green Park.

It is a very quiet park that is usually frequented by older people who walk during the morning and during the afternoon. From 5 o'clock in the afternoon the atmosphere begins to become younger but the peace and tranquility that is breathed inside remain exactly the same.

In short, Green Park is the closest thing to a real natural park that you will find in London, that without taking into account the large parks on the outskirts such as the Richmond park where you can get to see animals of a lesser nature usual as deer can be.

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