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If your plan is to know a Green London like nobody else, there are several proposals for your itinerary. This beautiful European city has several parks to explore, the possibility of cycling and many sustainable options for tourists and residents.

Everything in favor of the environment

In the English capital we can enjoy a great trend for the ecological. For example, organic stores, small or local take-away restaurants with products that have not been treated with pesticides, also flea markets to buy fruit and vegetables directly from farms and orchards in nearby areas and much more.

For travelers interested in the subject, there are tours and routes to see the greenest of the city. For example, what are the hotels and restaurants eco-friendly or the activities that are done outdoors. You can download a map called Green London or get it in pocket format during your stay.

Try the bikes, they are for everyone

There are many reasons why a person can decide to ride a bicycle in this city. Beyond being a movement called Green London and that more and more people are aware of the planet, the truth is that the public transport system in the capital of England can be very expensive. On the other hand, the bicycle allows you to get to know places on the route and even to exercise after the English tea in the afternoon or the fish and chips at lunch.

London's bicycle rental system was inaugurated in 2010 and is part of a government policy to care for the environment. They can be rented for an hour, although the most affordable is to do it for a season. Of course, if we are on vacation, this alternative will not work. There are some 500 stations to remove and return the bicycle.

Visit parks and gardens

It could be said that London is one of the cities with the most green spaces in the world. The most popular parks are:

Hyde Park

It has about 4 thousand trees, a lake called Serpentine, a rose garden and a meadow. Do not miss the fountain in Memory of Lady Di or the paths to ride a bicycle.

Regent's Park

It has 166 hectares, has a beautiful rose garden and the largest sports area in the city, including facilities for cricket (the sport par excellence in the United Kingdom), rugby, softball and soccer. In addition, a side with wild aes and summer shows in an open-air theater.

Richmond Park

It is striking because in its extension live about 650 deer in freedom. In total, this park has a thousand hectares with biking trails, golf courses, enjoy a ride and practice kite flying traction. Do not miss the views from the top of its hill.

St. James's Park

In the surrounding area there are three royal palaces and The Mall street. The famous pelicans live on the lake and are fed at 14:30 every day. If you want to eat something, you can go to the elegant cafe called Inn The Park.

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