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Before organizing your trip to the English capital, it is good to take into account general information about your destination. For example, what are the entry requirements in terms of documentation to submit, the official language of the city and how to make it understood on a day-to-day basis (restaurant, hotel, means of transport, streets, shops, emergencies) and how it is the time in London according to the time of the year, to assemble the corresponding suitcase.

On the other hand, among the general information of London that you can not miss, the official currency of the United Kingdom stands out and how much is the euro or dollar, what are the estimated prices for a hotel night, a dinner in a restaurant, a Ticket on the subway or an excursion and on holidays where some attractions close their doors or services are limited.

Do not hesitate to look for general information about the phones before any inconvenience, the Embassy of your country and the type of electricity used.

Documentation required to travel to London

When you plan to travel to London one of the first questions that come to mind is related to documentation: do I need a passport or other documentation to travel to London ? Index Mandatory documents to travel to London Accommodation tips in London Tips for traveling to...

The time in London

Talking about the weather in London is very common given that the weather and the temperature are of interest to all future travelers who plan to visit the city. The truth is that the London climate has a reputation for being very monotonous, grayish, dark, rainy and...

Language in London

The official language of the United Kingdom is British English and when traveling, it is essential to know, at least, some basic words or phrases to be able to express ourselves in stores and restaurants. Although there is a large number of Spaniards, South Americans and...

Prices in London

The city of London is reputed to be one of the most expensive European cities to visit for tourists and, indeed, in most sectors it is like that. However, like in any other city, finding more affordable prices is not an impossible task but you will have to search and...

Commercial hours in London

Trade and shopping are activities that are integrated into the day to day of any tourist visiting the city of London. In fact, shopping at the most famous shopping center in London (Harrods), strolling along the most commercial street (Oxford Street), browsing through the...

Holidays in London

When you decide dates to make a trip it is very important that you consider the holidays of the city you are going to visit. Traveling during the holidays can mean a change in the planned trip you planned and lose all the charm of the city you are willing to visit. Can you...
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Although the United Kingdom is integrated into the European Union it is part of the list of the 10 countries that have not implemented the euro as the main currency . In the case of the United Kingdom it is the pound sterling (Pound, in English) the only official currency...
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