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Gatwick by Darren Wood

The Gatwick Airport continues to Heathrow Airport in the ranking of largest airports in London and busiest in the UK. It is located in Crawley West, about 46 kilometers south from London.

The name of the airport has a curious origin and is that as early as 1241 it was called the fief that occupied the land where the airport is now located.

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Well, to reach the center of London from Gatwick Airport you can choose different transport options that vary in duration, price and comfort. We talk about them below:


Arrive in London from Gatwick Airport


Gatwick Express

The option of the train is the most recommended to travel from any airport in London to the city center but it is not the cheapest option. The price of the one-way ticket for this train is 19.90 pounds (17.75 pounds if you book online) and the round-trip price is 34.90 pounds (31.05 pounds if you book online).

The journey time is approximately 30 minutes and the destination stop is Victoria station.


First Capital Connect

It is another train that transports travelers from Gatwick Airport. It is cheaper than the previous one and we can assure you that it is equally comfortable but the price is 50% cheaper than in the case of the Gatwick Express. For 9 pounds you can get your one way ticket and get off at Victoria station in just 35-40 minutes.



This bus is the cheapest way to travel to central London, without any doubt. You can find tickets from prices that are around 2 pounds but you should know that the price will depend a lot on when you buy the ticket: the earlier, the better.

The great disadvantage of this bus is that it takes an hour and a half to leave you at Victoria station. Therefore, you should evaluate if you prefer to pay a little more and arrive in half the time or pay less and wait.


Taxis and transfer service

These two options are the least used by travelers because they are the most expensive. The price of these transports is between 60 and 100 pounds that will be more worth paying in the case of traveling in a group, of course.

The journey takes approximately one hour but will depend on traffic.

               In short, if we had to recommend a single means of transport to travel from Gatwick Airport to the center of London, based on speed, comfort and price, we chose the First Capital Connect train.

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