Documentation required to travel to London

When you plan to travel to London one of the first questions that come to mind is related to documentation: do I need a passport or other documentation to travel to London ?


Mandatory documents to travel to London

London is a city in the United Kingdom that is part of the European Union. This fact makes it directly an accessible city for any European who wants to cross borders, either by air or by the famous tunnel that reaches the islands from France.

Well, the requirements to travel to London based on documentation and visas that are necessary to enter the UK are very simple:

  • All European adult passengers must travel to London with ID or passport. In the case of European citizens it is sufficient to carry the DNI.
  • Passengers under age traveling alone must carry a passport.
  • In the case of European minors traveling with their parents, the Family Book may be requested in exceptional cases.
  • In the event that the minor is traveling with only one of the parents, the customs may request an authorization from the absent parent in order to verify that the minor is not leaving his country of origin against his will or without permission of your other guardian.
  • In the case of a European minor traveling to London with someone other than their parents, authorization will be sought from them.
  • Travelers coming from Latin America or from other countries not included in the European Union must present a visa. You can check if you need it on the official website of the British Customs Agency: enter the reason for your visit, country of origin and nationality and you will know if you need a visa to travel to London.


Accommodation tips in London

It is important to reserve the hotel where you are going to stay in time. Little by little I have been compiling this list of recommended hotels in London made by our own users. Surely you find the accommodation that suits your needs, there are more than 2000 establishments on that list!

And for those who want to enjoy this visit to the fullest, I have prepared the best selection of charming hotels in London that are a unique experience, truly incredible accommodations.

Okay, but what if I want to stay in another area? Well, then here you will find the best places to sleep and which are close to the main monuments and places of interest.


Tips for traveling to London

Some of the following tips may be obvious but it is worth remembering them:

  • The mandatory documentation to travel to London must be in order. National identity documents (DNI) or expired passports will not be valid.
  • It is recommended to take the original mandatory documentation but also a couple of photocopies to use while doing sightseeing in the city of London. Thus, you can leave the original documentation at the hotel to avoid risks of loss.
  • In the case of theft of the original documentation, you must contact the Consulate of Spain in London to start processing the new document you need to travel.


Optional documents to travel to London

It is recommended to process the European Health Card before traveling to any European country in order to have access to the health system of the European country of destination in question. It is not a mandatory document but optional but it is considered necessary for what might happen.

This card is free, covers health care in countries belonging to the European Union and can be requested through three ways:

  • In the Social Security Information Centers (CAISS)
  • Through the Internet, from the Electronic Office of the Social Security. This route is not feasible for the unemployed who receive benefits, employees with a temporary contract or non-contributory pension holders.
  • By phone: 901166565 from 9.00 to 20.00 from Monday to Friday, not holidays.

You already know the documentation to travel to London, easy, right?

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