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Although the United Kingdom is integrated into the European Union it is part of the list of the 10 countries that have not implemented the euro as the main currency. In the case of the United Kingdom it is the pound sterling (Pound, in English) the only official currency of the country and the city.

A sterling pound consists of 100 pence (Penny in the singular, pence in the plural). There are coins of 1 and 2 pounds to which coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 pennies are added. The bills are 5.10, 20, 50 and 100 pounds. All coins and bills have the face of Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Get pounds to travel to London

You can choose different ways to get pounds sterling to travel to London. The most common and least recommended option is to get them through your bank in Spain, which will charge a commission that can reach even 10%, but you will get off the plane with the pounds in your purse.

Another way to get pounds is at the hotel in London that you will use as accommodation but there are no exchange houses in all of them so make sure before traveling.

Are you not convinced by either of these two options? Then you can go to any exchange house available in the airport itself or the numerous exchange shops that are in London (you will find many of them in Oxford Street). Commissions vary from one to another so try to analyze a group of them to choose the one that offers the best conditions.

Finally, you can opt for the option to withdraw money in pounds directly from ATMs in the city of London. The commission of this route will be around 4-5% but if you are going to do sightseeing in the city for only a few days, it is the most convenient and cheapest option.


Tourism in London without the official currency

Well, we have already discussed the options available to get money in the official currency of the country but, and what happens if we travel without cash and do not bother to get physical pounds? Well, nothing would happen because with the widespread use of credit cards that exist in this country, as in the United States, you can pay for your purchases with your credit card, even a breakfast! Your bank's commission is usually not more than 1%, so it's a very good way to pay for your purchases, transportation and meals in London.

However, payment by credit card will not be useful in street markets or bazaars, so you choose which option you are most interested in.

As you can see, the fact that the official currency of London is the English pound and is not the euro we are used to, can be somewhat complicated, especially to get used to making payments (we tend to confuse some coins with others and not clarify too much with the step to euros to value the prices).

In any case, it can not be denied that the wide variety of ways available to get our money changed to the official currency of London makes it quite easy to travel.

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