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Covent Garden
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Covent Garden and its market form one of London's most famous neighborhoods and is surrounded by High Holborn to the north, Kingway to the east, Charing Cross Road to the west and one of the city's most popular streets to the south (Strand Street).

Covent Garden, market history

The square of Covent Garden belonged in its origins, back in the seventeenth century, to the monks of Westminster. At this time it was not known as a square but as an area of ​​cultivation but, later, the change of hands gave this area to the Counts of Bedford and this is how they began the works that made it the public square of Covent Garden.

However, although it was recognized as a square, in 1660 it served as a flower and vegetable market that came to be covered for the convenience of buyers and sellers.

Finally, in 1974 the surface of the market became the commercial surface that it is today.


Recommendations in Covent Garden

This so tourist district of the city is full of shops, street markets and street artists, being especially striking the stalls of artisanal objects. It is a very peculiar area because you can find clothes and accessories of really expensive brands that combine with the small stalls of more informal clothes and details of memory of the city. A peculiar mixture that turns the neighborhood of Covent Garden into an area that you can not miss.

In addition, if you get tired of walking or you get overwhelmed by the tide of people who are doing their shopping, you can stop for a delicious coffee in any of the terraces that are around the area.

Right there you can find the famous Royal Opera House where you can sometimes see many famous people who come to see theater. You can also see the most beautiful market in the city with many craft shops and terraces where you can sit and have a coffee.

In short, Covent Garden can be a very oppressive area for the large number of people who go to the shops during the day but during the night the bohemian atmosphere is maintained, the street performers continue playing their music and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. that you choose what time to visit this area.


Guided tour, best choice

It is always best to book this guided tour that includes Covent Garden, Soho and Trafalgar Square.

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How to get to Covent Garden

The commercial area of ​​Covent Garden is located in the center of London, near Soho, and the subway stop has just the same name of the area: Covent Garden (blue line of Piccadilly). This is the easiest way to get there but by bus you can also arrive via lines 9,13, 15, 23, 139 or 153.

Market schedule

From Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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