Catedral de Canterbury

The city that gave name to one of the most important works of universal literature has much to offer you. For that reason, on that occasion, we're going to talk about everything you can visit in Canterbury, a city that will fall in love with you from the first moment you set foot in it.

What to see in Canterbury:

The cathedral

The first must-see in Canterbury is, of course, the cathedral. With a truly overwhelming architectural design, this cathedral ( World Heritage ) will surprise and amaze you in equal measure. Do not forget to take your camera!

On the other hand, you should pay special attention to the channels, because, although we tend to think that this type of buildings are only present in Venice, the fact is that Canterbury also has its own, and are really beautiful.

Castle of Canterbury

You should also visit the Castle of Canterbury, which, although it has a slightly higher entrance price, the truth is that it has much to teach you. With several centuries of history behind it, it is a visit that will bring you closer to past times and that will help you to know a little more the way of life in the Canterbury (and, therefore, in England) medieval.

You also have to pay special attention to the walls of Canterbury, which you can visit in various parts of the city, and which have become a symbol. And, continuing with this fortification, do not forget to visit the West Gate, a construction that, in another time, protected the city from what happened outside.

Royal Museum

Special mention (for being a more cultural place), deserves the Royal Museum and Art Gallery of Canterbury. It is a museum of the most important in the city, and you can enjoy English and British art. In addition, admission is free.

The Bookshop

The Old Royal Museum and the Bookshop are also a very interesting visit. And, when you want a break from instructive trip, do not forget to go to the Dane John Gardens or the Garden of the West Gate to rest in a natural environment the most beautiful.


When you've recovered your strength, we recommend that you mix a little with society everyday, in Le Buttermarket Canterbury or Longmarket, for example. You also have a lot of pubs and bars that deserve your attention to have a good time, like the Sweet Delight or The Chill.

Christ Church

And finally, visit the Christ Church, which I assure you will love. A spectacular architectural design, especially in its entrance, which also has a figure that will attract your eyes even if you try to avoid it.

As you can see, you have a lot to do and see in Canterbury, so we recommend that if you travel to England, do not limit yourself to visiting the most famous cities, but that you also interest in it, because it keeps a lot inside and many times we forgot to go to see the most tourist cities. 

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