Universidad de Cambridge

Cambridge is a city located about 87 kilometers north of London that has become world famous thanks to the fame of the University of Cambridge located there. It is the capital of Cambrigeeshire and is located on the banks of the Cam River, hence its name.

What to see and do in Cambridge

University of Cambridge

This English-speaking university is the oldest in England, only exceeded in seniority by the University of Oxford. It was founded in 1209 by some Oxford scholars who had to flee from there because of some problems with agents from the city of Oxford itself.

Some of the important people who studied at the University of Cambridge were Isaac Newton, Lord Byron or Charles Darwin.

The importance of both universities lies in the large number of celebrities in science, literature or politics that have passed there. In fact, both universities are known by the name of Oxbridge.

The visit to the university will enchant you with its large patios and chapels integrated in each college, not common in Spain or in other European cities.

It is also very common to visit Trinity College and Queen's College. The latter has the Mathematical Bridge (Mathematical Bridge) which was built without screws or nails in the year 1749 and which is worth visiting.


Other activities in Cambridge

Cambridge is a district that is worth visiting to know its customs and its people. One of the activities most often liked by tourists is the boat trip on the River Cam due to the views that are seen during the trip.

The walks around the meadows are also very common and the photographs that can be obtained from the green areas of Cambridge are really spectacular. They are the so-called Backs that are found on the other side of the river that tourists like the most.


Transport London-Cambridge

Given the importance of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, many travelers visit London and decide to leave time to visit this area. In fact, from Liverpool station and King's Cross station trains leave every 30 minutes to Cambridge and the journey time is about 60 minutes.

Another option is to travel from London to Cambridge by bus. In this case, the journey is extended for 2 hours that can become very heavy, so it is not the best option for the most impatient.

Finally, many of the tourists who visit London dare to rent a car to visit all the surrounding cities. In this case, on the M11 road you can easily reach Cambridge. We say that they dare because, as you already know, in England you drive on the left, the steering wheel of the car is on the right and the gearbox on the left.

You know, if you want to visit Cambridge you just have to choose the means of transport that best suits you and start enjoying the courtyards of that dream university.

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