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London is a city of large dimensions that is impossible to walk without spending excessive time that nobody has and less when it comes to a tourist visit. Therefore, the means of transport such as the metro, buses, taxis or bicycle become essential to help you visit all that this splendid city offers you. In this case, let's talk about buses in London.

Buses in London are a means of transport that circulates throughout the city but are not suitable for people in a hurry. We say this because you can imagine the traffic that exists in a city like London. However, if there is a symbol representing the English that is the red bus with two floors and that makes them a transport that many tourists who come to the city want to try.

So, if you really want to go around the city and see the different areas from the top of the bus if it can be recommended but you will lose a lot of time and we really think it is not worth it. We recommend the London Underground, much faster and more efficient.

Buses in London: lines available

The vast majority of bus lines depart from Trafalgar Square or the streets attached to this square. In addition, there are always night buses that arrive to all parts of the city, so it is the time zone in which more people see themselves in this type of transport: people who leave late to work, young people who come back from having a drink, etc.

London has more than 400 different lines and with more than 15.00 stops spread throughout the city. However, thanks to the maps located at each stop it is quite easy to know which line you should take to get to your destination.

It is important to know that in addition to night buses, daytime lines have their complementary bus overnight and is marked with the letter N. For example, if in the morning you take the line 170, at night you must take the 170N. Easy, right?

Regarding the frequency of passage, it is usually 10 or 15 minutes but, obviously, it depends a lot on the traffic of the city at that moment.


Buy bus ticket

The single ticket can be purchased directly from the driver, but it can also be taken at the stop itself, in automatic machines authorized for that purpose. The price is about 3.60 pounds.

In case you have an Oyster card, the price of the ticket will be 1.50 pounds and the amount will be reduced from your recharge directly.

As you can see, the buses in London are a very efficient means of transport at the level of network organization and schedules but not so much in the arrival time as it does not depend on them.

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