British Museum

British Museum
Estatue of Ramsés

 London is the city of museums par excellence but if there is a museum that a tourist can not leave without seeing that is the British Museum. What's more, if you have more time on your trip, we recommend visiting it a couple of times because probably once you have not seen the exhibitions with great detail, either because of the amalgam of people who usually form in different rooms, or for other circumstances.

This museum is worthy of visits even by people not too fond of museums and is that the history and objects that can be seen in the collections exhibited there are truly interesting. There is no better way to know history than by going to a museum like this and this has been understood by the more than 5 million people who visit it every year.

The British Museum is the third most visited museum in the world, being surpassed only by the Louvre de Paris and the Metropolitan of New York. If you travel to London and have the opportunity to visit it, are you going to miss it?

What to see in the British Museum

Main floor

As soon as you enter the museum, the first thing you will see will be everything related to the world of Ancient Egypt, ancient objects and art from Rome and Greece, accompanied by objects from other ancient civilizations.

This plant is one of the favorites for tourists because it is the fragment of the statue of Ramses II, the first statue recognized as a work of art. In addition, the Parthenon Marbles, the funeral monument of the Nereids or the Buddha Footprints receive special attention from all visitors.


On this floor you will appreciate everything related to Greece, Rome and the Middle East but, without a doubt, what most triumphs is the Sainsbury Gallery through which you will know the history and evolution of African art.

In addition, you may be lucky that your visit coincides with one of the museum's special exhibitions that are held for a limited period of time.


Guided tour

My recommendation is that you book online the guided tour of the most important areas of the museum, including the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Parthenon frieze of the Acropolis or the relics of Sutton Hoo. This will save you time and money and you will see the most important thing in the history of mankind:

Book a Guided Tour of the British Museum € 24


Location, time and price

The British Museum is located on Great Russell Street and the nearest subway stop is Holborn (red center line) or Russel Square (blue Piccadilly line). You can take advantage of the visit to the area to take a walk by Covent Gard in, located less than 800 meters; or visit the Sir John Soane's Museum, very interesting too.

The entrance to the museum is free for everyone and the visiting hours range from 10 in the morning until 5.30 in the afternoon, except on Fridays, which some galleries are open until 8.30 in the afternoon.

Great Russell Street
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