Bristol is an important city in England and, although it is not as well known as others, the truth is that it has much to offer tourists who want to learn a little more about the history of the United Kingdom. In this article we mentioned some obligatory visits that you must make if you decide to travel to Bristol.

By the way, you have the city of Bath and its beautiful Roman baths right next door so you know where you need to go. This is all you have to see in Bristol:

Clifton Suspended Bridge

One of the first places to visit, practically by obligation, is the Clifton Suspended Bridge. It is one of the most picturesque places in Bristol, and, in addition, it is a true achievement of engineering.

Castle Park

On the other hand, there is Castle Park, in the very heart of the city. In this park there are numerous archaeological remains, and, in addition, it constitutes an oxygen lung in the city. Therefore, it is a great place to rest and spend a day learning, without too much haste.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a tourist attraction for its prestige. With nearly 150 years of history, this university is famous for being the first in the country to accept men and women without any distinction. That is why it deserves a visit, since its history is intimately linked to the history of civil rights.

Bristol Cathedral

And, of course, you should visit the Bristol Cathedral. This cathedral, originally, was founded as an abbey (back in the twelfth century), and gradually grew with the passage of time, until, finally, it was declared a cathedral in 1542. In addition to this history, it deserves It is worth visiting because of its excellent architecture, and because numerous shows are held inside and nearby.

Coronation Tap

And if you want to relax and have a drink after so many visits, you can visit the Coronation Tap, a small pub near the Clifton Suspended Bridge, where you can have a drink with your friends or your partner while you listen to good rock and jazz. Do not forget to try the cider they serve!

Municipal Museum

Finally, if you have more free time and want to visit some other places, we recommend the Municipal Museum and the Bristol Art Gallery, the Temple Meads, the Bristol Christ Church (with an impressive architecture), the Buckingham Chapel, the Temple Meads Train Station (again, a truly overwhelming building), or the Willis Memorial.

Visiting these places, tasting the food of the city, and dealing with its people, you can go back and tell your friends that, without any doubt, you have made a trip in depth to Bristol, a fantastic city that, unfairly, is usually forgotten when the important cities of England are mentioned.

As you can see, you have a lot to see in Bristol. Our opinion is that it is a magnificent city with a lot to see, although it may not be the best city to travel as a family, being a more interesting visit for couples and groups of friends. There is not a lot of activity for the little ones, and for that reason it may seem like a boring city.

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