Brighton is a coastal city located in the south of England that is very well connected to Brighton and that by having beach, it becomes one of the most visited places by Londoners and tourists who arrive in London in the middle of summer.

When you visit Brighton and compare it to London or any other city in the interior of England, you will understand why Londoners are so fond of this area.

Brighton is the destination chosen by Londoners on hot days to expose their bodies to the sun on the famous beaches of this area but it is not the only thing you can do in the city.

What to see in Brighton:

Royal Pavilion

You can not visit Brighton and not know the Royal Pavilion palace, even if it is outside to admire its architecture and aesthetics. Its neo-oriental aesthetic will give you some spectacular photographs, both on the outside and inside. The entrance costs 6 pounds and it is really worth knowing the banquet hall, the music room, the galleries and the bedrooms that once housed the royal family.


Brighton Pier

It is the amusement park located on the pier of the most famous beach in England. If you go with children you will love it but adults too, so there are no excuses not to enter.


Colored houses

Near the beach of Brighton are the famous colorful stalls belonging, in their great majority, to fishermen of the area. They are simple huts in which fishing material is kept and that many families use to cook the fish that the fisherman of the family brings to eat.

The striking of these booths are their colors and designs. The photographs here are spectacular and it is still a curious place to see.


Street art

The famous street artist known as Banksy left samples of his art through the city of Brighton. Very close to the train station you can find the picture of two British kissing policemen who are covered by a protective glass.


Transport London-Brighton

To travel from London to Brighton you have different options:

  • Traveling by train is the most comfortable and fastest option. From Victoria station you can take one of the trains that will leave you in Brighton in about 60 minutes. A round trip ticket can leave for around 30 pounds. The companies that you can find are First Capital Connec t and Southern Railway, each with about 3-4 trains per hour that depart from London to Brighton. From TrainGenius you can get the tickets. Remember that the sooner you buy them, the better price you will get.
  • Traveling by bus is another of the choices you can make when visiting Brighton but it really is not worth taking twice as long for a few pounds less. The company is National Express and you have a bus available every hour, with the round-trip ticket price of around 20 pounds.
  • Finally, you can rent a car to drive yourself to the city of Brighton.
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